Centerville Police Department
250 North Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 292-8441
F: (801) 296-2078

In case of fire, medical or police emergencies, call 9-1-1

Wednesday 8 am-Noon
Friday Noon-4pm
Must provide ID & proof of Centerville residence/employment


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To report a crime, please call 801-292-8441 as this contact form is not monitored 24/7

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Chief’s Message

My name is Paul Child, and I am the Chief of Police. I began my law enforcement career as a Centerville Police reserve officer in 1983. During the spring and summer of 1983, I assisted fulltime officers as major floods caused so much damage and disruption in Centerville. I witnessed how this community came together serving one another to protect property and preserve life. After serving for almost a year as a reserve I was hired fulltime by West Bountiful Police Department. I returned to Centerville Police in 1987 and have had so many opportunities to serve this community while continuing my education and developing professionally. Through the years I have gained a deep love for this community and the amazing people who reside here. In addition to the wonderful people who call Centerville home, I have been honored to work beside so many dedicated professionals from whom I have learned so much and am deeply indebted to. During the major storm in December 2011, I again observed how well this community came together working to clean up the fallen trees and debris with amazing speed. This was truly amazing to be a part of.

Since becoming chief of police in 2015, I have worked to instill the values of guardian, honor, character, and nobility in the officers and staff of this department. As a department it is our intent to provide the highest quality of service possible while performing our mission with compassion and professionalism.

I welcome opportunities to engage with members of the community as we partner together in our quest for making life better!

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Centerville Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community through preventing, detecting, and controlling crime, preserving the peace, and securing a safe environment to all residents, businesses, and guests of Centerville. We recognize the necessity to treat all persons with dignity and respect and pledge ourselves to integrity, professionalism, and the non-prejudicial delivery of police services throughout the community.

The Centerville Police Department is proud of its heritage and recognizes that its reputation as an outstanding law enforcement agency has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of its members.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide police services that exceed expectations as we strive to uphold the core values of honorable conduct, admirable character, and vigilant guardianship of life and property while recognizing the nobility of our purpose.


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