May 19, 2016

Minutes of the Centerville City Trails Committee meeting held Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. in the City Hall Business Office Conference Room at 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

Mark Dimond, Chair
Brandon Federico
Mark Oligschlaeger
Mikael Remington

Denise Cox
Matt Johnson
Rick Turner

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, was excused at 8:15 p.m.
Robyn Mecham, City Council Liaison
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary


Minutes of the April 21, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed. Mikael Remington made a motion to approve the minutes as amended. Mark Oligschlaeger seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (3-0).


Brandon Federico was welcomed as a new member of the Trails Committee. Mr. Federico enjoys mountain biking, and would like to be involved in the planning and developing of mountain bike trails.


The Committee reviewed the Mountain Trail Run that was held on April 23rd.  Chair Dimond reported there were 45 people in attendance at this event. The Committee agreed more volunteers are needed to help guide runners on the trails, especially where the turnaround is located.  Both the 10K and 5K course needs to be better marked with paint, cones and stakes. Mark Oligschlaeger suggested a dry run of the trail the night before the race is held to ensure the courses are easy to follow. The Committee agreed they will have the trail run again next year.

At 8:15 p.m., Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, was excused from the meeting.


Chair Dimond recently rode his bike on the Frontage Road from Parrish Lane south to Pages Lane.  He reported this road is in poor condition and in need of repair. He feels this section of the Frontage Road could be widened and striped with bike lanes. Mark Oligschlaeger explained this is not a well-traveled road for cyclists, as it does not connect to 400 West, where many cyclists ride their bikes. The Frontage Road from Parrish to Lund Lane will be widened and bike lanes will be added in 2018.

Three years ago, the City was considering a restroom next to the Legacy Trail. City Council Liaison, Robyn Mecham, reported the Maverick Gas Station that is being constructed next to Legacy will have restrooms. The City Council has been discussing widening the sidewalks on Main Street, and then placing benches and flower boxes on the side walk. This would remove the grass parking strip.

UDOT said they are willing to stripe bike lanes on Main Street.

Mark Oligschlaeger made a motion for the Trails Committee to vote in support of the Planning Commission’s vote that was held on May 11, 2016, recommending that the City Council work in collaboration with UDOT to stripe bike lanes on Main Street.

Mikael Remington seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).


1.     Share the Road bike stencils painted in the bike lane from Reading Elementary to Porter Lane on 400 West.
2.     Mountain bike loop at the Island View Park.
3.     Mark the mountain trails with fiberglass markers.
4.     Mountain bike trails in mountains. (The Bonneville Shoreline Master Plan needs to be reviewed to see what their plans are for this area).
5.     Robyn Mecham will have a TOPO Map made that will be from the Freedom Hills Park to 400 North in Bountiful.  Brandon Federico will talk to his friend at Biker’s Edge to see how
Biker’s Edge made the bike trail that is above Kaysville, and how to design a mountain bike trail.


The next Trails Committee meeting will be held on June 16th, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room at City Hall.


At 9:10 p.m., Mark Dimond made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mikael Remington seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).

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Mark Dimond, Chair                                                Date Approved

Connie Larson, Recording Secretary