September 15, 2015

Minutes of the Redevelopment Agency of Centerville meeting held Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 9:06 p.m. in the Centerville City Hall Council Chambers, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

DIRECTORS PRESENT    Paul A. Cutler, Chair
Ken S. Averett
Tamilyn Fillmore
John T. Higginson, Vice Chair
Stephanie Ivie
Lawrence Wright

STAFF PRESENT        Steve Thacker, RDA Executive Director
Lisa Romney, City Attorney
Jacob Smith, Management Assistant
Katie Rust, Recording Secretary

STAFF ABSENT        Blaine Lutz, Finance Director


Lisa Romney, City Attorney, explained that the island parcel of the Centerville Gateway Subdivision has been divided into two lots, with the vacant lot under contract with Lyman Management for a pediatric dental office.  Conceptual Site Plan approval was granted by the Planning Commission on August 26, 2015.  As part of the Centerville RDA Gateway Neighborhood Project Area, the RDA must review the Conceptual Site Plan and can discuss potential contribution from the RDA for upgraded features.  Referring to the water feature included in the conceptual site plan, Director Averett commented that the concept of a water feature was not approved for the neighboring Iggy’s site.

Brian Zaitz and Melissa Bigger with JZW Architects presented the conceptual plans.  Chair Cutler stated that the RDA wishes Dr. Nelson success, but wants to ensure that a change of use for the building could be successful, considering the large number of dental offices already in the community.  Mr. Zaitz responded that JZW has converted many standard office spaces for dental use, and he does not see any reason that dental space could not go the other way.  Piping for medical gases could be capped.  Staff was unable to state whether parking requirements are different for dental offices than for retail space.  The entire island parcel has shared parking, as well as a parking agreement with the MTC across the street.  The Planning Commission determined that the lot has sufficient parking.

Chair Cutler expressed concern regarding long-term maintenance of the proposed water feature.  Dr. Mark Nelson explained that at times the water feature will not be operational, and expressed a desire to be sensitive to drought situations.  The water feature is designed to look nice with or without flowing water.  The building is intended to be shared space primarily dedicated to pediatric dentistry.

Director Fillmore said she is impressed with the conceptual plan.  Director Ivie stated she is uncomfortable with the building design because she feels it looks a lot like a church, which would be out of place considering the surrounding properties.  She referred to the possibility of turn-over, and expressed concern regarding future parking problems.  Director Wright stated he thinks the architecture looks similar to Farmington Station, and is consistent with commercial use.  Chair Cutler said he thinks the high-quality features would enhance the area.
Director Wright made a motion to accept the Conceptual Site Plan for development of a dental office on Lot 2 of the Centerville Gateway Subdivision.  Vice Chair Higginson seconded the motion, which passed by majority vote (4-2), with Directors Averett and Ivie dissenting.

Director Averett stated that he does not feel the water feature is a good use of natural resources.  Director Wright responded that he likes what is presented, and feels it would be nice for the RDA to participate.  Chair Cutler suggested asking the design team to present a water-feature option as well as an alternate option.  Ms. Romney pointed out that the conceptual proposal complies with City ordinances.  The applicant was informed that if RDA contribution is desired, more than one proposal is requested for consideration.

Mr. Zaitz and Ms. Bigger presented the proposed lighting plan.  Chair Cutler made a motion to approve the Fourth Amendment to the ADL for the Centerville Gateway Subdivision.  Director Wright seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).

Director Wright made a motion to approve the Assignment and Assumption Agreement for the sale and purchase of Lot 2 of the Centerville Gateway Subdivision.  Director Fillmore seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).


Mr. Thacker reported that the design plan for the 1250 West Parrish Lane intersection traffic signal improvements has been completed and submitted to UDOT for review.  Director Fillmore added that the delay regarding both the pedestrian bridge fencing and the intersection improvements is providing time to ensure the projects are coordinated in the most efficient manner.

The RDA previously discussed the possibility of hiring an independent landscape designer to prepare the landscaping plan for the intersection.  Director Fillmore reported that the scope of work desired will require the services of a professional landscape architect firm for a complete, cohesive plan.  Services of a landscape architect firm will also be helpful in utilizing a $1,800 place-making grant received for Founders Park frontage.  She presented cost estimates from multiple firms, and recommended the services of Grassli Group for both projects.  For an additional $800 Grassli Group would be willing to participate in coordinating the pedestrian bridge fencing project as well.  Mr. Thacker expressed support for her recommendations.  The landscaping plan for the intersection project would be funded by the RDA.  The $1,000 for a design plan for the Founder’s Park project would come from City General Fund or Contingency Fund, with the first $1,800 for plantings funded by the grant.  Chair Cutler and Director Ivie expressed skepticism that Grassli Group’s services would be necessary regarding the fencing.  Director Fillmore stated that it may not be necessary, but may be helpful if staff is unable to find a satisfactory fencing option.

Chair Cutler made a motion to authorize up to $2,300 of RDA funds for landscape design services from MGB&A of the Grassli Group for the four corners of the 1250 West Parrish Lane intersection.  Director Wright seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).


At 10:05 p.m. Director Wright made a motion to adjourn and return to regular meeting.  Director Ivie seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).
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Steve Thacker, RDA Executive Director                Date Approved

Katie Rust, Recording Secretary