October 4, 2016 Joint CC/P&R Work Session

Minutes of the Centerville City Council work session held Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in the Centerville City Council Chambers, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.


Mayor                          Paul A. Cutler

Council Members        Tamilyn Fillmore
William Ince
Stephanie Ivie
George McEwan
Robyn Mecham

STAFF PRESENT        Steve Thacker, City Manager
Lisa Romney, City Attorney
Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director
Jacob Smith, Assistant to the City Manager
Katie Rust, Recording Secretary

STAFF ABSENT        Blaine Lutz, Finance Director/Assistant City Manager


Brian Curnow                          Melissa Larsen
Kelly Hintze                            Loren Pankratz
Lynn Keddington, Chair         Melissa Smith


Mayor Cutler introduced Tiffany Rees, whom he intends to nominate for appointment to the Parks and Recreation Committee later in the evening.  Chair Keddington presented an updated Parks Capital Improvement Plan, listed from highest to lowest priority (attached).  He expressed the Committee’s desire to have a conceptual design for the Island View Park project by February of 2017 in order to apply for Federal grant funds allocated through the State.  The grant applications have a consideration/approval time of one year.  It is recommended cities apply for a minimum of $100,000 considering the complexity of the application.  Chair Keddington explained restrictions associated with the grant funds.

The Council and Committee talked about the splash pad idea.  Mayor Cutler pointed out that a splash pad is a popular, but expensive feature.  He suggested a different type of water feature, possibly at Smoot Park using water diverted from the existing stream.  Chair Keddington stated the splash pad is on the Parks Capital Improvement Plan because it consistently gets the highest marks on all surveys.  The Committee has tried to reflect the desires of the community.  Councilwoman Mecham said she has been shocked by the number of community members who have told her that Centerville should have a splash pad.  Councilwoman Fillmore commented that Bountiful has included a splash pad in their new plaza design.

Councilman McEwan said he does not have a problem with applying for matching funds; the projects and amount need to be determined.  The group discussed including as many items on the application as possible.  Mr. Thacker said he believes the grant funds require a 50/50 match from the City.

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, explained the next two phases of the Community Park Expansion project.  The group discussed the possibility of accelerating the next two phases to complete both in 2017.  Possible impact on the Frontage Road and use of the Park was discussed.  Mayor Cutler expressed a desire to complete the project as quickly as possible, and said he intends to approach the South Davis Recreation Board about the possibility of loaning funds to Centerville to complete the project sooner.  Mr. Thacker pointed out that lower contract bids might be a potential benefit to spreading the two phases over two years.  The Frontage Road expansion project is also scheduled to take place in 2017.  Mr. Thacker agreed to find out if the Frontage Road project and the Community Park parking lot could be bid together to save money.

Mr. Thacker presented a comparison of proposed park expenditures with projected revenues for FY 2017 and FY 2018, showing them to be very close (attached).  Other sources of funding would be necessary to accomplish more projects than are listed.  He suggested grants, donations, and interfund loans as possible funding sources.  Councilman McEwan asked when Island View Park will reach complete dilapidation.  Staff responded that features are removed as they become unsafe.  Island View Park is safe, but becomes less fun as more features are removed.  Preparing a renovation plan for Island View Park is the next step.  Mr. Keddington stated the Parks and Recreation Committee recommends the City bond to be able to proceed with the Community Park Expansion and Island View Park, and still have funds for other projects.


Mayor Cutler thanked the Parks and Recreation Committee, and adjourned the work session at 6:50 p.m.

____________________________        __10-18-2016_____
Marsha L. Morrow, City Recorder            Date Approved

Katie Rust, Recording Secretary