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July 7, 2010 PC

Wednesday, July 7, 2010
7:00 p.m.

A quorum being present at Centerville City Hall, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah. The meeting of the Centerville City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Tamilyn Fillmore, Vice Chair
Kent Holbrook
Scott Kjar
Steven Markham
Dianna Rasmussen

Lee Duncan
Jim Pedersen, Chair

Brandon Toponce, Assistant Planner
Steve Thacker, City Manager
Kathy Streadbeck, Recording Secretary 


PUBLIC HEARING – AMEND CONCEPTUAL SITE PLAN – CENTERVILLE CORPORATE PARK SUBDIVISION AND THE DAVIS CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS – 525 NORTH 400 WEST – Consideration of an amended conceptual site plan for the Centerville Corporate Park Subdivision, regarding increasing the fence height from six feet to eight feet, between the Davis Center for the Performing Arts and the Centerville Mobile Estates; in accordance with Section 12-55-110(a)(3), Fences and Walls. Centerville City, applicant

Brandon Toponce, Assistant Planner, reviewed the application as written in the staff report dated June 23, 2010. The applicant is requesting an amendment to the conceptual site plan to extend the height of the fence along the north property line from 6 feet to 8 feet. According to the guidelines set forth in Section 12-55-110 the Planning Commission must review and approve this request. The request will benefit the mobile home park to the north by providing increased privacy and buffer from the trail and the theater use on this site. The fence along the north property line has a front setback and a front side-yard setback. According to the guidelines for fences [Section 12-55-110 (a)], a fence within the front setbacks can be no more than 48 inches in height (4 feet). Staff recommends the front setback provide the 4-foot fence for 25 feet, then step up to a 6-foot fence for 10 feet, then step up again to the 8-foot fence along the remainder of the property line. Staff believes these steps will provide a better transition between the necessary 4-foot fence and the requested 8-foot fence. Overall, staff recommends approval of the amendment to the conceptual site plan.
Commissioners questioned who will be paying for the increased cost of the additional 2 feet of fence height. Concern was raised regarding the look of this long, solid fence. It was stated that, for some, vinyl is not a desirable material. Some Commissioners also questioned the requirements for constructing an 8-foot fence. Commissioners are concerned that a solid fence of that height may be easily damaged by wind and questioned if additional footings or fence posts are required with such a large fence. Chair Fillmore suggested adding a condition to the approval stating the fence must be engineered accordingly. The Commission agreed.

Mr. Toponce said the final construction details of the fence will be part of the final site plan application and can be reviewed again at that time by the Planning Commission. He also said the Planning Commission may wish to have the fence details reviewed by either the City Engineer and/or the Building Inspector to verify that it will be structurally sound prior to construction. 

Steve Thacker, City Manager and representative for the applicant, explained the owner of the mobile home park to the north approached the applicant requesting an extension on the height of the fence for privacy of his residents. After further discussions with the MTC building owner (Lot 2), the mobile home park owner, and the City, it was decided to apply for this amendment to the conceptual site plan for a height extension. The City will pay for the height extension of the fence on Lot 3 and on a portion of Lot 2 (the parking lot for the theater building). The MTC owner and the mobile home park owner will split the cost for the remainder of the fence on Lot 2. Mr. Thacker explained the fence poles will be cemented into place and a concrete mow strip will run under the fence for the length of the property line. If there is any damage to the fence, due to weather/wind, the City will most likely be responsible to repair the damage.  He also said the vinyl fencing will be tan in color and will have significant landscaping along the length of it to help break up the solid façade.

Vice Chair Fillmore opened the public hearing. There was no comment; she closed the public hearing.

Commissioner Kjar made a motion for the Planning Commission to accept the amended site plan for the property located at 525 North 400 West with the following conditions:


1. The site plan amendment shall be for the fence height increase along the north property line from six (6) feet to eight (8) feet.
2. The eight (8) foot fence shall be solid vinyl.
3. Details regarding the fence material, color, and construction shall be submitted as part of the amended final site plan. The design shall be reviewed by City staff for engineering and wind load calculations.
4. The fence line shall have a ten-foot transition of a six-foot fence prior to the front and front-side yard setback. Detail regarding this transition shall be submitted with the amended final site plan.
Reasons for the Action (findings):

1. No changes to an approved final site plan may take place, unless an amended site plan is to occur [Section 12-21-110(i)].
2. The application follows the review procedures for a conceptual site plan [Section 12-21-110].
3. The Planning Commission is the authorized body in determining if a fence may be higher than six feet [Section 12-55-110(a)(3)]. 
4. The procedure for an amended site plan must be the same as the procedures for approval of an original site plan [Section 12-21-110(i)(3)].
5. The proposed fence changes would meet the requirements found in Section 12-55-110 of the Centerville City Zoning Ordinance.
6. A fence within the C-VH, PF-H and within the  R-H zones may have a higher fence up to ten feet high approved by the Planning Commission [Section 12-55-110(a)(3)].
7. The fence height request meets the findings criteria in Section 12-55-110(a)(3) of the Centerville City Zoning Ordinance.

The motion was seconded by Commissioner Markham and passed by unanimous roll-call vote (5-0).


a. The next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting will be held on July 14, 2010.  
b. Upcoming projects
• Performing Arts Center final site plan
• Ricks Creek amended subdivision

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

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 Tamilyn Fillmore, Vice Chair                                                      Date Approved

Kathleen Streadbeck, Recording Secretary