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October 16, 2012


to:  Mayor Russell
      City Council
      Department Heads
       Planning Commission
from:  Steve Thacker, City Manager
subject:  City Manager’s Summary of October 16, 2012 Council Meeting
date:  October 12, 2012

5:30 Work Session re Parks Capital Improvement Plan – The City Council and Parks and Recreation Committee will meet together in a work session at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the proposed Parks Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The Committee was asked to review a draft prepared by staff, make revisions and organize the projects into categories of high, medium and low priority.  The enclosed document reflects their recommendations.  The projects within each priority category are not ranked relative to one another, even though each project has a number by it.  The numbering is simply for identification purposes.  The CIP relates to several other documents to be considered by the City Council in their regular meeting Tuesday evening, including a General Plan amendment (Item #4) and the Parks Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Analysis (Item #5).  The cost estimates in the Parks CIP are still under review by the City Engineer and, therefore, could change.  Many of those improvements are in the Parks Impact Fee Facilities Plan that will be considered during Item #5 in the regular meeting. 

Dinner will be provided during the work session.

7:00 Regular City Council meeting

E.1. Minutes Review and Acceptance – The minutes to be approved are enclosed, including the minutes of the September 18 meetings, which were tabled at the October 2 meeting. The Recording Secretary, pursuant to the Council’s direction, has added a lot more detail to the September 18 work session minutes—pertaining to the Main and Parrish Intersection Project. 

E.2. Summary Action Calendar
a. Land Rover easements
– Due to a change in the water system plans for the Land Rover addition, City Council is being asked to release an existing easement and grant a new easement to replace it.
b. UTA Tentative Budget – Pursuant to State law, UTA is required to submit its Tentative Budget each year to the cities within its service area and allow those cities to comment or object.  The UTA Tentative Budget is enclosed.

E.3. Public Hearing – Final Subdivision Plat for Lot 4, Legacy Crossing at Parrish Lane – The developers of Legacy Crossing at Parrish Lane want to subdivide Lot 4 into several smaller lots for commercial development.  The Planning Commission recommends approval.  See Cory’s enclosed report.

E.4. Public Hearing -- General Plan Amendment re Parks, Open Space and Trails – The Parks, Open Space and Trails sections of the General Plan have been out of date for some years.  Before discussing the City’s park impact fee, which funds many of the park improvements, the City Council should first amend the General Plan to clearly establish a “current level of service,” a key factor in the Impact Fee Analysis.  The proposed General Plan amendment identifies the City’s current level of service for developed parks as 3.24 acres per 1,000 residents.  The General Plan amendment also identifies other general objectives pertaining to parks, open space and trails within the city.  The Plan amendment was first reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Committee and the Trails Committee, then forwarded to the Planning Commission, which recommends approval. 

E.5. Impact Fee Facilities Plan/Analysis – After discussing the Parks Capital Improvement Plan during the work session, and adopting a General Plan amendment in Item #4 of the regular meeting, the City Council will then discuss the Parks Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Analysis.  This enclosed document was prepared by Jacob Smith, Management Assistant, using the guidelines in a handbook that explains the requirements of State law pertaining to impact fees. His analysis relies on cost estimates that could change upon review by the City Engineer, and therefore, should be considered only tentative at this point.  The City Attorney is also reviewing the analysis.  State law allows cities to charge park impact fees for improvements that maintain the current level of service as the community grows.  The current level of service is 3.24 acres of developed park acreage per 1,000 population.  The tentative analysis shows that a park impact fee of approximately $2,600 could be justified based on the numbers used.  I expect, however, this number will go down, based on some discussion with the City Attorney.  The City’s current park impact fee is $1,200 per residential unit.  Staff recommend the City Council increase the park impact fee, but will further refine the analysis before asking the City Council to make a decision in a later meeting.  The Council has the discretion to decide how much the increase will be, so long as it does not exceed the maximum justified by the Impact Fee Analysis.  Jake has enclosed in his document current impact fees for other cities in South Davis County. 

E.6. Public Hearing – Zoning Code Text Amendment – To be postponed – This matter, as well as Item #7 will be postponed to a future meeting.  The Planning Commission was scheduled to consider this matter at its October 10 meeting, but due to a lack of time, had to postpone it until their next meeting; therefore, the City Council also needs to postpone this matter. 

E.7. Public Hearing – Chapel Ridge Cove Subdivision PDO Zone approval – As mentioned in #6 above, this matter will also be postponed because the Planning Commission did not consider it at their October 10 meeting. 

E.8. Mayor’s Report – The Mayor may wish to report on a few matters. 

E.9. City Manager’s Report
a. Chase Lane Well project – I will give the Council an update on this project, which may exceed the authorized contract amount and project budget.
b. Update re Pheasantbrook repairs – Councilman Higginson asked for a report from staff regarding the status of repairs in Pheasantbrook and the use of RDA funds approved earlier by the RDA Board.  Blaine Lutz is meeting with Pheasantbrook representatives on Tuesday morning for this update.
c. Volunteer Recognition Dinner – This is just a reminder of the dinner to recognize our many fine volunteers on October 22. 
E.10.  Financial Report ending September 30, 2012 – Blaine has prepared the enclosed report for the three-month period ending September 30.

E.11. Miscellaneous Business – At this time, I have not identified any matters under this heading.

E.12. Closed meeting, if necessary – At this time, I do not know of a need for a closed meeting, but the agenda allows for that possibility.

Potential Agenda Items for November 7, 2012 City Council Meeting (subject to change):

• Issues regarding subdivision of Lot 2, Centerville Corporate Park Subdivision
• Social Media Policy
• Public hearing – Zone Map amendment on property located at approximately 2250 North 800 West from A-L to R-L/PDO
• Public hearing – Zoning Code Text Amendment Chapter 12-41, Planned Development Overlay Zone (PDO) to modify tract perimeter setbacks
• Public Hearing – Chapel Ridge Cove Subdivision located at  approximately 2250 North 150 East in the R-L(PD) Zone – Consider modifying the PDO Zone approval, which includes changes to right-of-way and street crossing section widths and setbacks for decks
• Public Hearing – Final Subdivision – Chapel Ridge Cove Subdivision – 2250 North 150 East; consisting of 10 building lots, located at 2250 North 150 East, located in the R-L(PD) Zone
• Follow up on Chase Lane property enforcement matter





Meetings of the City Council of Centerville City may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207, as amended.  In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Electronic Meetings Policy established by the City Council for electronic meetings.

Centerville City, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provides accommodations and auxiliary communicative aids and services for all those citizens in need of assistance, including hearing devices.  Persons requesting these accommodations for City-sponsored public meetings, services, programs, or events should call Blaine Lutz, Centerville Finance Director, at 295-3477, giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available for public inspection and review at City Hall and will be available for review at the meeting.  Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, or may read this memo on the City’s website:

Tentative   - The times shown below are tentative and are subject to change during the meeting.

5:30 Work Session with Parks and Recreation Committee re Parks Capital Improvement Plan



       C. PRAYER OR THOUGHT – Councilman Justin Y. Allen

7:05 D. OPEN SESSION (This item allows for the public to comment on any subject of municipal concern, including agenda items that are not scheduled for a public hearing.  Citizens are encouraged to limit their comments to two (2) minutes per person.  Citizens may request a time to speak during Open Session by calling the City Recorder’s office at 295-3477, or may make such request at the beginning of Open Session.) Please state your name and city of residence.

       E.  BUSINESS                                                    
 7:10    1. MINUTES REVIEW AND ACCEPTANCE – September 18, 2012 work session; September 18, 2012 meeting; October 2, 2012 meeting
 7:10    2. Summary Action Calendar
a. Vacate original easement and accept new waterline easement from Auto Facilities of Centerville LLC for Land Rover addition
b. Accept UTA 2013 Tentative Budget
 7:15    3. Public hearing – Final Subdivision Plat for Lot 4, Legacy Crossing at Parrish Lane
 7:25    4. Public Hearing - General Plan amendment -- Chapter 12-460, Community Facilities -  Sections 12-460-1, Parks & Open Space and 12-460-2, Trails  - Consider Ordinance No. 2012-27 
 7:40    5. Discuss Parks Capital Improvement Plan, Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Analysis
 8:10    6. Public hearing – Zoning Code Text Amendment Chapter 12-41, Planned Development Overlay Zone (PDO) to modify tract perimeter setbacks – To be postponed to future meeting
 8:10     7. Public Hearing – Chapel Ridge Cove Subdivision located at  approximately 2250 North 150 East in the R-L(PD) Zone – Consider modifying the PDO Zone approval, which includes changes to right-of-way and street crossing section widths and setbacks for decks -- To be postponed to future meeting
 8:10    8. Mayor’s Report
 8:15    9. City Manager’s Report
a. Chase Lane Well Project update
b. Update re Pheasantbrook repairs and use of RDA funds
c. Volunteer recognition dinner
 8:25   10. Financial Report for period ending September 30, 2012
 8:35   11. Miscellaneous Business
8:40    12. Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by law, including, but not limited to,  the provisions of Section 52-4-205 of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, and for attorney-client matters that are privileged pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 78B-1-137, as amended.
 8:40    13. Possible action following closed meeting, including appointments to boards and committees

 Marsha L. Morrow, MMC
 Centerville City Recorder