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Public Works Department
655 North 1250 West
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 292-8232
F: (801) 292-8251


Public Works Director
Randy Randall


Deputy Director/Water Supervisor
Mike Carlson


Streets Division Supervisor
Ken Williams


Drainage Utility Supervisor
Dave Walker


GIS Specialist
Mike Smith


City Engineer
Kevin Campbell
ESI Engineering, Inc.
3500 South Main, Suite 206
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
P: (801) 263-1752
F: (801) 263-1780


Storm Drain & Subdrains

Both storm drains and subdrains are installed underground to carry water away from homes and businesses. Storm drain pipes are connected to the aboveground storm drain grates and primarily carry surface water runoff through the system. Subdrain pipes are not directly connected to the storm drain grates; instead, subdrain piping contains holes that allow the intake and passage of groundwater through the underground system. Subdrain piping has been installed in some areas of the City where high groundwater tables exist. Some of these areas have been adopted by the City Council as special Subdrain Districts.

A Subdrain District means parcels and/or property located within a defined area or areas of the City specifically benefited and/or serviced by a subdrain system. For the purposes of determining the boundaries of the Subdrain District(s) within the City, the following factors are considered: actual service connections from the property to a main subdrain system collection line, the proximity of the property to existing subdrain systems; areas or property with an identified subsurface water problem; and the property located within a developed subdivision containing a subdrain system.