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Centerville Police Department
250 North Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 292-8441
F: (801) 296-2078

In case of fire, medical or police emergencies, call 9-1-1



History of DARE

The D.A.R.E.® program began in 1983 when the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Unified School District got together and developed a drug abuse prevention program. The reason for this was that it seemed nearly impossible to stop people from using drugs and they thought it would be a good idea to educate the kids about the dangers of using drugs and how to not get involved in drugs. The Centerville Police Department D.A.R.E.® program started in the Fall of 1994. It reaches four elementary schools and one junior high school in the City of Centerville. The Centerville D.A.R.E.® Officer is Officer Jeremy Brown.