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City Emergency Manager
Paul Child
(801) 292-8441


Community Coordinator
Bruce Cox
(801) 292-8232


Citizen Corps Chairperson
Bill Ince
           (801) 809-8444


Medical Reserve Corp
Gary Hale
(801) 440-7222


Centerville CERT
Lanny Johnston
(801) 390-1231


Be Ready Utah
No one assigned
Emergency Communications
Don Wood
(801) 859-2721
District Leaders
South - David Gill
(801) 292-5919
Center - Mike Salisbury
(801) 698-7920
North - Thomas Rosemann
(801) 910-2244
Canyon View - Bill Ince
(801) 298-3865
West - Richard Rowe
(801) 598-8750


2018 Emergency Management Calendar

The focus of this year, as far as emergency management goes, has been wildfire preparedness. The principles of evacuation not only apply to fires, but to any emergency requiring someone to leave their home for a period of time. We welcome any community involvement and ask that people contact their area or district leaders with information on how they can personally be prepared.

Evacuation Checklist


Nestled between the Wasatch Mountains and The Great Salt Lake, Centerville is a great community to live in. Unfortunately, we are not immune from natural and man-made disasters that can cause damage and disruption in our city. This area has experienced many disasters over the last 150 years and will experience more in the future.

The City is dedicated to building a disaster resistant community and we encourage you and your families to plan and prepare yourselves for disasters. The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act. Knowing what to do is your best protection and your responsibility.

Prepare your family for any disaster or emergency - Be Ready Utah has all the information you need from make an emergency kit to how to store water. Explore all of the resources this site has to offer.

Emergency Tweets

Follow CPDUTAH for emergency tweets:
1. Text to 40404
2. Text the message: Follow cpdutah
3. That's it, you'll now get the emergency tweets on your cell

Neighborhood Emergency Network


District Map
The City has been divided into districts and areas for emergency management purposes. Each district and area has an assigned representative. These representatives are the link between local officials and local residents during an emergency. Local officials will contact district representatives with important information regarding the disaster. The district representatives will then contact the area representatives in their districts with the same information. Some areas have even been subdivided into blocks with block captains. more