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Chief’s Message

My name is Paul Child, and I am the Chief of Police. I began my law enforcement career as a Centerville Police reserve officer in 1983. During the spring and summer of 1983, I assisted fulltime officers as major floods caused so much damage and disruption in Centerville. I witnessed how this community came together serving one another to protect property and preserve life. After serving for almost a year as a reserve I was hired fulltime by West Bountiful Police Department. I returned to Centerville Police in 1987 and have had so many opportunities to serve this community while continuing my education and developing professionally. Through the years I have gained a deep love for this community and the amazing people who reside here. In addition to the wonderful people who call Centerville home, I have been honored to work beside so many dedicated professionals from whom I have learned so much and am deeply indebted to. During the major storm in December 2011, I again observed how well this community came together working to clean up the fallen trees and debris with amazing speed. This was truly amazing to be a part of.

Since becoming chief of police in 2015, I have worked to instill the values of guardian, honor, character, and nobility in the officers and staff of this department. As a department it is our intent to provide the highest quality of service possible while performing our mission with compassion and professionalism.

I welcome opportunities to engage with members of the community as we partner together in our quest for making life better!

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Centerville Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community through preventing, detecting, and controlling crime, preserving the peace, and securing a safe environment to all residents, businesses, and guests of Centerville. We recognize the necessity to treat all persons with dignity and respect and pledge ourselves to integrity, professionalism, and the non-prejudicial delivery of police services throughout the community.

The Centerville Police Department is proud of its heritage and recognizes that its reputation as an outstanding law enforcement agency has been accomplished through the hard work and dedication of its members.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide police services that exceed expectations as we strive to uphold the core values of honorable conduct, admirable character, and vigilant guardianship of life and property while recognizing the nobility of our purpose.


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Press Releases

Re: Traffic Advisory for Bountiful to the Idaho border.
Date: May 22, 2019

We are expecting strong easterly winds to be picking up this evening, with gusts of 45-55 mph for the Wasatch Front north of Salt Lake City. The winds could continue until 11am Thursday morning. Please use caution when driving during this time. For more information, please check out the UDOT Traffic Operations Center page.


Press Release
Contact:     Lieutenant Zan Robison PIO 801-292-8441
Date:          May 14, 2019

On May 14, 2019, at about 4:45 pm, the Centerville Police Department responded to a report of a robbery involving four suspects and one victim at 800 East and 650 South in Centerville. It is believed the assault took place inside a vehicle and that the victim was familiar with one or more of the suspects. It was reported that a firearm was brandished during this incident, and the victim was physically assaulted  by the suspects. The victim reported his wallet was taken. The victim was taken to Lakeview Hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

A short time later we located the suspect vehicle described by the victim at a residence in Farmington. As we were preparing to make contact at the residence several suspects exited the residence and got into two different vehicles and left the residence. Officers performed a traffic stop on one of the vehicles leaving, and one vehicle stopped with one suspect taken into custody. The second vehicle fled and ran off the road a short distance later near I-15 southbound and Glovers Lane in Farmington. Three suspects fled on foot from the vehicle that ran off the road, and a search for the suspects took place with the use of police K-9s and a helicopter. The three suspects were not located. One of the outstanding suspects we are looking for is Abraham Valdez Alonso, a 19-year-old male with ties to the Farmington area. We welcome any tips about his whereabouts. Do not approach Alonso as he may be armed, and contact us immediately.



Press Release
Contact:     Chief Paul Child 801-292-8441
Date:          April 24, 2019

Centerville Police Department detectives have made an arrest related to an attack that took place on November 17, 2018, at an LDS church located at 270 North 300 East in Centerville.  In this situation a 71-year-old female was practicing the organ while alone in the chapel with all the doors locked. The woman was suddenly attacked from behind while playing the organ and was strangulated into unconsciousness multiple times.

Detectives collected DNA evidence at the scene that was left behind by the intruder who gained access into the building by breaking a window.  Centerville detectives have been working diligently on this case since it occurred and developed a person of interest. Detectives were able to collect DNA evidence left behind on discarded objects by the person of interest which were sent to the state lab for processing. This investigation took several months, but it remained a priority for us. We were able to match the DNA left behind at the scene to the person arrested today.

The arrestee is a 17-year-old male who lives in Centerville and was arrested in Kaysville. The juvenile was booked into Farmington Bay Juvenile Detention Center on one count of 1st degree aggravated burglary and one count of 2nd degree aggravated assault.

We have informed the victim of this incident of the arrest, and she expressed relief. The person arrested is a juvenile, and therefore we will not be releasing his name at this time. There is no known relationship between the person arrested and the victim.


Press Release
Contact:           Chief Paul Child 801-292-8441
Date:                March 15, 2019
Re:                   Auto-Pedestrian Accident

This morning at 8:37 am, Centerville Police and South Davis Metro Fire Department responded to an auto-pedestrian accident on 2025 North 566 West. This is west of Reading Elementary, which is located at 360 West 2025 North. This accident involved a Chevrolet Suburban, driven by Leigh Albertsen of Farmington, and a five-year-old girl named Charlotte. Charlotte lives in the neighborhood where this accident occurred and was walking to Reading Elementary School with her older sister. The Suburban was going west on 2025 North, and the driver claims she was going about 20 miles per hour. The victim apparently ran out into the road into the path of the Suburban and was run over. The driver of the Suburban did not see the child but heard a thud upon hitting the child. The accident was witnessed by the older sister who ran home to tell her mom.

An off-duty deputy/paramedic who lives in this neighborhood was on scene giving medical attention prior to the arrival of on-duty responders. South Davis Metro FD paramedics determined that the girl should be airlifted to the hospital. With the help of West Bountiful PD and UDOT, Centerville PD blocked off the Frontage Road at 1950 North and Lund Lane to land the helicopter on Frontage at 2025 North. Charlotte was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital, and she is in critical condition. She has an obvious femur fracture and an apparent brain injury.

Our detectives arrived on scene shortly after the dispatch and began taking pictures and marking the scene for further investigation. This accident is still under investigation.

We are hoping and praying for Charlotte, her family, and others affected.