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Consideration of Amending the Table of Uses on Main Street

The Planning Commission and City Council are considering amending the Table of Uses to allow a greater variety of businesses on Main Street.

The Commission and Council want to revitalize the Main Street corridor and place a symbolic “Open For Business” sign at our door. The past few years this street has seen vacancies and decline. Our studies show that the majority of businesses on this street are locally owned, and Centerville would like to continue and encourage this concentration of local Utah businesses in our community.  The Council and Commission hope that by expanding the variety of stores and businesses allowed on this street by amending the Table of Uses, more business will come to Main Street and create a vibrant corridor in the center of town. Some of the uses may be changed to “Permitted” and others may be allowed as a “Conditional Use Permit”.

The first meeting this will be discussed is the August 8th Planning Commission Meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall. NO Decision will be reached at this meeting, but please come with your thoughts, concerns, and input.


Use Permits

What is a Permitted Use? A Permitted Use is a use that the city is legally obligated to allow in a zone. 

What is a Conditional Use Permit? A Conditional Use Permit (sometimes referred to as a CUP) is a permitted use, with conditions. The city assesses the use’s impact on the surrounding area and can mitigate some of these impacts with conditions of the approval – visual screening, parking and traffic, economic and aesthetic impact are all considered in this process. See CZC 12.21.100 for more details

The following uses are currently NOT allowed on Main Street. The city would like to consider amending our code to determine whether to include these businesses onto Main Street, either as a Permitted use OR with a Conditional Use Permit: (for definitions of these uses click HERE)

Agricultural sales and service
Assisted Living Facility
Auditorium or stadium
Bed & Breakfast
Business equipment rental, services and entertainment
Car wash
Catering, limited
College or university
Construction sales and service
Indoor recreation and entertainment
Multi-family dwelling
Outdoor recreation and entertainment
Post Office
Printing, general
Protective service
Reception center
Research service
Restaurant, fast food
Restaurant, general
School, elementary, middle or high
Secondhand store
Shopping center
Single family dwelling
Twin home
Two-Family dwelling

The following are currently on the Conditional Use List that may be moved to the Permitted list:
Bank or financial institution
Cultural Service
Church or place of worship

There may be changes to this list and further possible amendments to our Main Street code. Please participate in our public hearings and let us know what changes YOU would like to see on Main Street!

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