April 8, 2015

Minutes of the Centerville City Whitaker Museum Board meeting held Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Administrative Conference Room at City Hall, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

Diane Chamberlain
Spencer Packer, Chair
Nancy Smith
Paul Thomas Smith

Bridget Lee

Alex Creer
Julie Creer

Larry Wright, City Council Liaison, was excused at 7:54 p.m.
Lyndsey Kunzler, Youth Council Liaison, was excused at 7:40 p.m.
Lisa Linn Sommer, Whitaker Museum Director, was excused at 9:42 p.m.
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary


Alex Creer, Boy Scout, is planning to build a community garden beehive frame and six- foot fence around the hive frame, for his Eagle Scout project.  His scout leader and scout troop will be helping and they will be placed on posts that will be painted. The estimated cost of this project is $313. Chair Packer will meet with Alex Creer when the hives are completed to choose a suitable location to place the hives. Chair Packer said the front of the hive must be in direct sun, as bees are susceptible to bee mold.

Diane Chamberlain made a motion to accept the proposal from Alex Creer for the construction of the beehive and fencing, and the Board thanked him for his efforts on this project.  Alex will be asked to meet with Julie Garlic to cover the details of the beehives, and then Alex will return to meet with the Whitaker Museum Board to finalize the details. Paul Thomas Smith seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).


Lyndsey Kunzler, Youth Council Liaison, reported she has not been able to get into the geo-caching account yet, but she should be able to shortly.  She displayed two sizes of boxes for the Board to choose from. The Board agreed a leather journal to record visitors, will be placed in the box with museum coins that can be taken by the finder of the quest. Lyndsey also reported the Youth Council is working on the street dance for the Centennial Festivities this summer.  Lyndsey will report to Lisa Linn Sommer on the number of young women volunteers for the Victorian Tea on May 30th.


Minutes of the March 18, 2015 Whitaker Museum Board meeting minutes were reviewed.  Nancy Smith made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Diane Chamberlain seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).


Paul Thomas Smith read a thank you card written by David Parrish expressing appreciation for the opportunity to talk about his ancestor, Joel Parrish, who helped settle Centerville. He also gave the Board a $100 donation for the Museum.

Nancy Smith reported the timeline she is making is nearly finished, and she is working to obtain a few remaining photographs. Nancy asked permission to pursue pricing for plumbing, an insert sink in the kitchen at the Museum. The Board gave Nancy permission to obtain price estimates on a sink and the plumbing for the Museum kitchen.  Nancy asked Larry Wright, City Council Liaison, if he feels the City Council will allow the purchase of another recording device, as the Committee would like to meet on Tuesday evenings, which is also the same night as the City Council meetings. Mr. Wright suggested the Board send an email to the City Council for this request.

Diane Chamberlain reported she is working on the poster and genealogy chart of Thomas Whitaker as part of the Centennial events at the Museum. She displayed a draft of the genealogy poster that will show Thomas Whitaker with his four wives and all of their children. There will also be a binder that gives the history of Thomas Whitaker’s parents, his wives, and children.  An alphabetical list of names of Thomas’ descendants will be posted for people to see if they are related to any of Thomas Whitaker’s descendants. Along with that there will be a chart and program that will tell guests who they might be related to in history as well as Centerville.

At 7:40 p.m., Lyndsey Kunzler was excused from the meeting.

Chair Packer reported on the sign in front of the Museum, and he displayed a drawing for the proposed sign. He proposed building the sign up with a creekstone base with plantings around it. The estimated cost of the sign will be $12,000.  Difference in pole vs monument.  The sign will be made of polystyrene and then painted to look like wood, wrought iron, concrete and stone. The Board will be asking the City Council in the next meeting, for funding for the sign. Outdoor lighting is also a problem at the Museum, and it has become a safety issue. Chair Packer met with Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, and Lisa Linn Sommer to review the flower garden on the northwest side of the building. This garden area is high maintenance, and Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, suggested reducing the garden size of the area by removing the rose bushes, and planting day lilies, and other easy to maintain plants. Mr. Cox is willing to do this work, but he will not be able to do it until his seasonal crew is available at the end of May. Lisa Linn Sommer suggested having people work at the Museum on the National Day of Service on April 18th.


Chair Packer reported he spoke with Guy Carpenter about doing repairs at the Museum.  Mr. Carpenter will be doing the north and south soffit and fascia on the addition and the east gable.  He will also repair the framework and sills of the leaded glass window on the south side.

At 7:54 p.m., Larry Wright was excused from the meeting.

Lisa Linn Sommers, Museum Director, will obtain bids from Jim Rohletter on the installation of rain gutters. Bids also need to be obtained on additional brick walkways, and completion of the front and rear entrances. It is hoped the brick walkways can be an Eagle Scout project.


Lisa Linn Sommer, Museum Director, distributed and reviewed the current budget status for the Museum. Nancy Smith said she would like to see the Museum have their own bank account at some point in the future for the fundraising events. The Zombie Run last October brought in $964, and people are already asking about it for this year. The garden plots have brought in $720 so far this year.  The Victorian Tea Party last year brought in $1,865. Envelopes to match the new Museum letterhead needs to be purchased. Lisa Linn Sommer will be meeting next week with Steve Thacker, City Manager, to discuss insuring the contents of the Museum. Lisa Buckmiller with the State Historic Society will also be contacted to see if she could advise on how to go about insuring specific items within the Museum.


Paul Thomas Smith reported May 17, 2016 will be the 200th birthday for Thomas Whitaker. A poster of Thomas Whitaker that Mr. Smith made was displayed. Elizabeth Whitaker particularly enjoyed working in her flower gardens, and Mr. Smith suggested planting the same flowers that Elizabeth had in her garden on the Museum grounds. Thomas Whitaker was the first nurseryman in Centerville, and Mr. Smith would like to have the flowers and fruit trees that Thomas had planted o the Museum grounds. When Thomas married Hannah, it was very difficult to provide food, and Thomas worked in Ogden to earn more money to provide for his two wives. Mr. Smith would like to restore the driveway and have a period garage door installed for Thomas’ birthday celebration. He would like to restore young Ruth Whitaker’s bedroom upstairs, and perhaps have a group of Boy Scouts do this project, along with digging out the driveway. A musical of the courtship and marriage proposal of Elizabeth Whitaker to Thomas Whitaker was suggested.


Story telling on the life of Jennie P. Stewart will be held next week with Susan Hainsworth at the Parrish Home on the corner of Parrish Lane and Main Street. There are already 35 confirmed reservations for this event, which is a full house.

Lisa Linn Sommer, Museum Director, reported Dennis Lyman, film producer for Channel 14, and the ‘History of the Saints’, program on the Mormon Channel, visited the Whitaker Museum last week, and he wants to film the introductions for historic documentaries at the Whitaker Museum. The next production they will be doing is on the history of the LDS Relief Society. In exchange for doing these introductions at the Museum, Channel 14 will include the Museum and Centerville City in their credits. They will also offer on Channel 14, a link to the Museum, and they will advertise the Museum on KJAZZ.

Lisa Linn Sommer contacted Fort Douglas, and has obtained permission to borrow military uniforms worn by soldiers from each war the United States was involved in to be displayed at the Country Fair in August.

At 9:42 p.m., Lisa Linn Sommer was excused from the meeting.


At 9:42 p.m., Nancy Smith made a motion to adjourn to a closed meeting for reasons allowed by law. Diane Chamberlain seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (3-0).Members Present were: Spencer Packer, Chair; Paul Thomas Smith; Nancy Smith, Co-Chair; and Diane Chamberlain.


At 10:00 p.m., the Whitaker Museum Board returned to an open meeting.

Chair Spencer Packer made a motion that the Whitaker Museum Board Chair and Co-Chair conduct an employee interview with the Museum Director, Lisa Linn Sommer.  Following that interview, the Board will then forward a recommendation to the City Council and Steve Thacker, City Manager, with a recommendation concerning the current probation status that Lisa Linn Sommer is currently working under.  Nancy Smith seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).


The next Whitaker Museum Board meeting will be held on May 7, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


At 10:05 p.m., Chair Packer made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Paul Thomas Smith seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).

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Spencer Packer, Chair                                 Date Approved

Connie Larson, Recording Secretary