December 15, 2015

Minutes of the Redevelopment Agency of Centerville meeting held Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 9:38 p.m. in the Centerville City Hall Council Chambers, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

DIRECTORS PRESENT    Paul A. Cutler, Chair
Ken S. Averett
Tamilyn Fillmore
John T. Higginson, Vice Chair
Stephanie Ivie
Lawrence Wright

STAFF PRESENT        Steve Thacker, RDA Executive Director
Lisa Romney, City Attorney
Jacob Smith, Management Assistant
Katie Rust, Recording Secretary

STAFF ABSENT        Blaine Lutz, Finance Director


The minutes of the December 1, 2015 RDA/ACB meeting were reviewed.  Vice Chair Higginson made a motion to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Director Averett and passed by unanimous vote (6-0).


Steve Thacker, RDA Executive Director, showed the concrete work that will be done by UDOT in the first stage of the 1250 West/Parrish Lane Traffic Signal Project, and “betterments” staff are recommending—i.e. expanding the amount of concrete and adding color to the concrete—as the first phase of implementing the landscape architect’s conceptual plans for the intersection.  He explained the additional concrete work and color recommendations for the concrete on the southeast and southwest corners, which would cost the RDA approximately $6,000.  Mr. Thacker reported that he met with a representative of Maverick, who expressed confidence that Maverick will take responsibility for the landscaping of the southwest corner, and participate with the City in a 50/50 cost share for the other corner betterments.  Maverick will also pay for the water line that will connect to the drinking fountain at the bike station on the corner.  Mr. Thacker agreed to request an electrical conduit from the Maverick station to the corner betterments for the ability to add lighting in the future.  He expressed the hope that additional funding for the betterments will be contributed by UDOT through an annual TAP funding process.  Maverick does not intend to begin construction until summer 2016.

Director Wright made a motion to approve approximately $6,000 in RDA funds for the concrete betterments discussed in connection with the 1250 West/Parrish Lane Traffic Signal Project.  Vice Chair Higginson seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).  These betterments would be in addition to powder coating the traffic signal poles and installing a preemption device for emergency vehicles.


At 9:54 p.m. Director Wright made a motion to adjourn the RDA meeting.  Director Averett seconded the motion, which passed by unanimous vote (6-0).
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Steve Thacker, RDA Executive Director              Date Approved

Katie Rust, Recording Secretary