March 15, 2016

Minutes of the Centerville City Parks and Recreation Committee meeting held Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Business Office Conference Room, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

Kyle Barney, Chair
Brian Curnow, arrived at 7:25 p.m.
Lynn Keddington
Melissa Larsen

Ben Horsley
Loren Pankratz
Melissa Smith

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director
Connie Larson, Recording Secretary


Chair Kyle Barney reported he met with the Planning Commission to give an overview of the activities and goals of the Parks and Recreation Committee for the coming year.  He reported on the Movies in the Park, and on the Capital Improvement Plan. He discussed an email from Loren Pankratz that Mr. Pankratz feels the most current Capital Improvement Plan was not given, as it did not show the last change made to the list of projects. The debris basin near the cemetery was discussed if it should be developed into residential housing or into a park. The Committee discussed what they feel should be done with this property. They agree if the City is able to bond and there is money left over from the bond after completing the Island View Park and the Community Park, than this property could be developed into a park with unique amenities that would draw and benefit the entire community.

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, reported the County invested $1.8 million to make build the debris dam and fence upstream from the sedimentation basin, and they would like to develop the property. The City Council is meeting tonight with the County on this item, and they will probably ask for a public process before making a final decision.


Chair Kyle Barney reported he visited Island View Park, recently and he believes the City should bond against the RAP tax to make park improvements now rather than over the next ten years.  The park is in poor condition, and he displayed pictures of the equipment and facilities that are in need of replacement and repair. The tennis courts are 35 years old and need to be replaced.

At 7:25 p.m., Brian Curnow arrived at the meeting.

Bruce Cox, Parks and Recreation Director, suggested pickle ball courts at Island View Park, as this sport has become popular. He estimated it would cost $650,000 to remodel Island View Park. Brian Curnow suggested a skate park. Mr. Cox explained that good skate parks will draw people from other communities, and a well-managed skate park needs supervision and a controlled access to avoid crime problems that have occurred at other skate parks. Mr. Cox suggested building a skate park as part of the South Davis Recreation District’s Rec Center and controlling access and hours of operation the same as with the pool and ice rink for a better facility and safer environment.

Mr. Cox reported that Kathryn Drake, who is a graduate student from Brigham Young University, will be doing a capstone project with Centerville City.  She will be doing a community outreach for feedback on what the community would like to see happen at the Island View Park. The Committee will meet with Ms. Drake on April 12th at 7:00 p.m., as she will need to get approval from Brigham Young University for this project on April 22nd.  This means the Parks and Recreation Committee will meet on April 12th instead of April 26th.  After Ms. Drake completes her project, the data collected will be given to the City Council with recommendations on changes and upgrades the Committee would like to see take place at Island View Park. At the next meeting, a discussion will take place on impact fees and projected revenues.


Minutes of the February 23, 2016 meeting minutes were reviewed. Lynn Keddington made a motion to approve the minutes as amended.  Melissa Larsen seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).


The Committee selected the movies to recommend to be shown this summer for the Movies in the Park.  The movies are:  McFarland USA, Star Wars VII, Zootopia, How to Train Your Dragon, Princess Bride, The Incredibles, Cinderella, Cokeville Miracle, and MegaMind will be a backup in case one of the above movies is not available. The dates the movies will be shown will be determined at the next meeting.


The next Parks and Recreation Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Business Office Conference Room at City Hall.


At 8:40 p.m., Lynn Keddington made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Melissa Larsen seconded the motion, which was passed by unanimous vote (4-0).

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Kyle Barney, Chair                                          Date Approved

Connie Larson, Recording Secretary