July 13, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
7:00 p.m.

A quorum being present at Centerville City Hall, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.  The meeting of the Centerville City Planning Commission was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Kevin Daly
Becki Wright
David Hirschi, Chair
Gina Hirst
Logan Johnson, Vice Chair
Cheylynn Hayman
Scott Kjar

Cory Snyder, Community Development Director
Brandon Toponce, Assistant Planner
Lisa Romney, City Attorney
Kathy Streadbeck, Recording Secretary

Interested Citizens


OPENING COMMENT   Cheylynn Hayman


The minutes of the Planning Commission work session held June 22, 2016 were reviewed. Commissioner Johnson made a motion to approve the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wright and passed by unanimous roll-call vote (5-0). Chair Hirschi and Commissioner Hayman abstained from voting as they were not present at this meeting.

PUBLIC HEARING | LEGACY TRAILS HOTEL | 1255 WEST 300 NORTH - Consider amending the Planned Development Overlay Conceptual Site Plan for the Legacy Trails Development, for the purpose of allowing a 63 room hotel on Lot 3 of the Legacy Trails Subdivision.  Chad Salmon, Applicant.

Cory Snyder, Community Development Director, reported the applicant, Chad Salmon, has requested this item be postponed to the July 27, 2016 Planning Commission meeting. Chair Hirschi made a motion to table this item until the next Planning Commission meeting. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Daly and passed by unanimous vote (7-0).

YOUNGBLOOD STORAGE | CORNER OF 650 NORTH & 1250 WEST - Consider the proposed Final Site Plan for Youngblood Storage on property located on the corner of 650 North and 1250 West, for the purpose of allowing outdoor storage. Don Youngblood, Property Owner & Applicant.

Brandon Toponce, Assistant Planner, reported the applicant has requested this item be tabled at this time. The applicant is looking to provide additional information at a future meeting. Don Youngblood, applicant, reported he is working toward adding a building to the site and is working through the application steps to make this happen.

Commissioner Hayman made a motion to table this item until the applicant is ready for further action. The motion was seconded to Commissioner Johnson and passed by unanimous vote (7-0).

PUBLIC HEARING | CODE TEXT AMENDMENTS FOR SOUTH MAIN STREET CORRIDOR (SMSC) OVERLAY ORDINANCE, CHAPTER 12-48, [Postponed from June 22, 2016 meeting] - Consider the Code Text Amendments for the South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Ordinance, which includes the City Council directives and changes to the South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Public Space Plan.  Centerville City, Applicant.

Cory Snyder, Community Development Director, said there are two (2) drafts for a possible motion which are included in the staff backup materials. One draft was submitted by Commissioner Wright and was reviewed and discussed at a previous meeting. The second draft was submitted by Commissioner Hayman and includes the majority of Commissioner Wright’s draft with some clarifications and additions. The Commission has thoroughly researched and discussed this issue and is now ready to move forward with a motion. The Commission is scheduled to meet with the City Council next Tuesday, July 19, 2016 in a work session to discuss the motion and the Commission’s reasoning for the motion.

Commissioner Wright said she fully supports the draft prepared and submitted by Commissioner Hayman. She said Commissioner Hayman’s motion includes all that she tried to include but is clearer and more concise. Commissioner Wright made a motion to recommended the Commission use Commissioner Hayman’s motion to direct their comments this evening. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Johnson and passed by unanimous vote (7-0).

The Commission reviewed the proposed motion and made a few minor changes and additions as highlighted below. The Commission discussed the recent bike lane striping and how this striping is being received. Mr. Snyder explained there are some concerns with the safety of the bike lane on a 40-mile per hour road with regard to bikers, stroller brigades, and walkers. He said City staff has expressed concern with possible users of the bike lane. City staff has also expressed a desire to review all issues that may be related to the bike lane prior to any additional striping. The Commission discussed the option to keep the bike lane striping language in the motion or eliminate the language until all parties have a chance to discuss the issue.

Chair Hirschi opened the public hearing.

Tonya Arnold said the recent striping of bike lanes has defined the lanes and she believes the new striping actually provides safety. She said she has seen numerous drivers pass on the right side of other motorists almost hitting school kids trying to cross the street. She believes the striping helps designate the bike lane as a no passing lane and requires drivers to stay in their travel lane.

Evan Gibbs said he likes the striped bike lane as well. He is a teen driver and said the bike lane helps him know which lane is for which user. He likes to see where the bikers are supposed to be and where he, the driver, is supposed to be.

Chair Hirschi closed the public hearing.

Chair Hirschi agreed the bike lane striping helps define the lanes for all users. He believes the language for bike lanes should remain in the motion as this is the future vision for Main Street. Commissioner Hirst agreed. She said she has driven the newly striped section of Main Street next to bikers and did not feel her speed was impeded and also appreciated the designation. The Commission discussed the possibility of flexibility in the lane width since the right-of-way along Main Street fluctuates slightly along the corridor. Commissioner Kjar suggested renumbering the bike lane language.

Commissioner Wright made a motion for the Planning Commission to recommend to the City Council that they retain the subject elements of SMSC Public Space Plan as currently adopted in Section 12-48-180 of the Centerville Zoning Code, including benches, planters, drought tolerant grasses and lighting elements. Furthermore, the Planning Commission recommends that the SMSC Public Space Plan be amended to include the following:

1.    Provide illustration and language for Main Street Traffic Striping changes, as discussed with UDOT on May 11, 2016, which consists of re-striping of Main Street, from Parrish Lane to Pages Lane to provide for the following:
a.    Reduction of travel lane widths to 11 feet
b.    Reduction of center turn lane width to 11 feet
c.    Addition of a shoulder stripe to allow for a formal bike lane for both north and south directions.

Reasons for Action (findings):
a.    The Planning Commission reviewed the changes using the Zone Text Amendment provisions of Section 12-21-080 and finds that preserving the subject elements accomplishes the        following:
i.    Preserves and enhances mobility throughout the Main Street Corridor, and “accommodations” for all types of users – see SMSC Plan, Goal 2.
ii.   Enhances and promotes the SMSC as the setting for attractive, convenient, active, safe, and enjoyable destination and place of residence – see SMSC Plan, Goal 3.
iii.  Develops and implements a coordinated standard for streetscape improvements along the entire SMSC. Improvements should include street lighting, landscaping, street furnishings,      and signage and other amenities - see SMSC Plan, Objective 3.A.
iv.  Other relevant or related goals and objectives that were considered:

  • Objective 2.D & 7.H – width of sidewalks
  • Objective 7.I – use of street trees
  • Objective 5.G – use of landscaping and hardscaping
  • Objective 2.B – motorist/pedestrian conflicts and safety, lower speed limits
  • Objective 8.A – continuity of streetscape into the residential district

b.    The Planning Commission believes that the planter boxes, benches, and light poles are fundamental to the SMSC Public Space Plan and to the walkability of the Main Street corridor  because they provide human scale, imageability, and complexity, which are critical components for considering the inclusion of various users of Main Street.
c.    The Planning Commission has reviewed the numerous public comments that interested Centerville citizens submitted in response to the SMSC Public Space Plan and finds that those comments overwhelmingly support the Plan and improving the Main Street corridor to make it more walkable. (Note: public comments will be submitted to City Council for review)
d.    The Planning Commission believes that promoting walkability on Main Street and the proposed Main Street Traffic Striping changes will support our State’s active transportation goal to consider the needs of all users—including bike users, pedestrians, and those who use other forms of alternative transportation—in addition to vehicular use.
e.    The Planning Commissions finds that UDOT is seems to be surprisingly amenable adaptable to the SMSC Public Space Plan and the proposed elements with the currently adopted Public Space Plan. During the Planning Commission’s meeting with UDOT Representative Darin Fistrup, Mr. Fistrup stated multiple times that “we [UDOT] will work with you” on the goals for        Centerville City’s plan. Additionally, both Mr. Fistrup and WFRC’s Representative, Scott Hess, strongly suggested that all public space elements remain in the public right-of-way, with the possible exception of trees.
f.    The Planning Commission believes that it is important to prepare and adopt local master plans and maps to improve the coordination between local and regional Complete Streets Policies.
g.   The Planning Commission finds that the Main Street Traffic Striping changes:
i.  Will support the designation of Centerville Main Street as a “Priority Bike Route” on the Centerville City’s Trails Master Plan as well as the Davis County Plan, the UDOT Plan, and the WFRC Plan; and
ii.    Are consistent with the Centerville Trails Committee’s Centerville Parks and Trails & Proposed Bike Lanes Map.
iii.    Begin the process of providing active transportation along the Main Street corridor at no cost to the city.
h.    The Planning Commission has carefully considered the City Council’s stated concerns regarding potential visibility hazards and believes that plantings and planter box varieties can be flexible elements that maintain safety and visibility in accordance with Centerville Municipal Code 11-01-150(c) and Centerville Zoning Code 12-55-230, which requires that intersections maintain a 50-foot sight triangle. UDOT Representative Mr. Fistrup indicated to the Planning Commission that while UDOT prefers planter boxes that are no taller than 18 inches, UDOT is flexible on planting choices and public elements such as plantings can have some height variation as long as the plantings do not hinder a driver’s view of the pedestrian corridor or obscure applicable sight triangles.
i.    The Planning Commission has carefully considered the City Council’s stated concerns regarding maintenance of SMSC Public Space Plan elements and does not find that maintenance of such elements is likely to cause an undue burden or cost to the City. The Planning Commission directed staff to contact other cities with similar public improvements and none of those cities reported extensive maintenance costs for similar elements. The Planning Commission believes that plantings, pavers, and other Plan elements can alleviate maintenance costs by mitigating storm water runoff and recharging groundwater. The Planning Commission also believes that using native or water-wise plantings will reduce maintenance needs while providing beauty and setting a water responsibility example for city residents.
j.    The Planning Commission has carefully considered the City Council’s stated concerns regarding potential liability issues caused by certain Plan elements.
i.    With regard to legal liability, the Planning Commission refers the City Council to the City Attorney’s privileged memorandum, dated March 18, 2016.
ii.   With regard to potential safety concerns that elements may pose for drivers or pedestrians, the Planning Commission finds that the SMSC Public Space Plan elements are actually  likely to increase safety to drivers and pedestrians, not pose any significant risk of harm to drivers or pedestrians. UDOT Representative Mr. Fistrup indicated to the Planning Commission that furniture in the park strip is not a large concern as long as it is breakaway. Mr. Fistrup also indicated that in the unlikely event a pedestrian was in the pathway of an element and a vehicle, if an element was present, the majority of the energy from the collision would be disbursed through the through the element breaking free rather than through direct contact with the pedestrian.
iii. The Planning Commission believes the benefits to be gained from the SMSC Public Space Plan elements and improvements along Main Street, including street furnishings, planters, lighting, etc., outweigh any potential liability risk and maintenance obligations associated with such elements and improvements.

The motion was seconded by Commissioner Hayman.

Commissioner Johnson said he believes the proposed motion is acceptable and follows the view of the majority of the Commission and he is happy to see it move forward in the process. However, he said he is not in favor of the motion because he does not believe it will promote healthy walkability according to his understanding of walkability.

Commissioner Daly said he too will not vote in favor of this motion as he believes there are other options that could better serve Main Street as the main artery of the City. Commissioner Daly made a motion to amend to include the language “to as narrow as” with regard to bike and travel lane widths. He would like to allow for flexibility since the right-of-way varies along the Main Street corridor. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Johnson.

Commissioner Hayman said she is inclined to keep the language for travel and bike lanes as is for clarity and consistency. Commissioner Hirst said she likes the idea of keeping the language strong and consistent but is inclined to allow flexibility given the right-of-way fluctuation along the corridor.

Chair Hirschi called for a vote on the motion to amend. The motion failed with a 3-4 roll-call vote. Chair Hirschi and Commissioners Wright, Kjar, and Hayman opposed.

Chair Hirschi called for a vote on the original motion. The motion passed with a 5-2 roll-call vote. Commissioners Johnson and Daly opposed.

1.    The next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.
2.    Upcoming Agenda Items:
•    General Plan & Zone Map Amendment for I-VH Zone future in the West Centerville Neighborhood Plan
•    Legacy Hotel
•    Legacy Crossing Storage

The meeting was adjourned at 8:23 p.m.

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David Hirschi, Chair                                                    Date Approved

Kathleen Streadbeck, Recording Secretary