November 4, 2015


to:        Mayor Cutler
City Council
cc:        Department Heads
Planning Commission
from:    Steve H. Thacker, City Manager
subject:  City Manager’s Summary of November 4, 2015 Council Meetings
date:       October 30, 2015

Please note the Council Meeting has been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday due to the General Election on  Tuesday.  

5:30    Work Session – The City Council will meet in a work session at 5:30 p.m. to continue discussing proposed text amendments to the South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Zone.  The Council discussed amendments at its October 20 and October 29 meetings.  The primary focus of this work session will be on the public space plan for the corridor.  The Planning Commission recommended a substantial amount of hardscape behind the curb, along with trees, planters and pedestrian-scale lights.  City officials and a landscape architect consultant will meet with UDOT Region One personnel on Tuesday, November 3 to discuss where UDOT will allow these improvements behind the curb.  This feedback from UDOT will influence the recommendations made to the City Council at their Wednesday work session.

7:00    Regular City Council Meeting

Open Session – Robert Bruhn of the local detachment of the Marine Corps League will present a $300 check to Police Chief Paul Childs to be used for the City’s DARE program.  These donated funds were collected at the local Wal-Mart.

E.1.    Minutes Review – The October 6 work session minutes and October 20 regular meeting minutes are enclosed.

E.2.    Summary Action Calendar
          a.    Municipal Code Online agreement – The City Council approved budget funds for this contract service, which will make the Municipal Code readily available and searchable
online.  The cost will be $1500 annually for an initial 5-year term.
b.    Deferral Agreement – This agreement relates to the approval of a site plan for the Tri-City Polaris property on Porter Lane.  Normally the developer would be required to construct
road and sidewalk improvements along the frontage in conjunction with the development of the private property.  However, in this case, since these improvements cannot be made
until Davis County encloses the Deuel Creek channel along Porter Lane in this area, the developer is allowed to postpone the improvements to a later date.
c.    Terminate warranty – The MTC Lot 2 Amended Subdivision (Chick-fil-a and second MTC office building lots) is ready for termination of its warranty period.
d.    Purchase of police vehicles – A total of five police vehicles are funded in the current FY 2016 Budget—including two that were originally funded in FY 2015 but not received until
the beginning of FY 2016.  The Police Department has already purchased those two carry-over vehicles from FY 2015.  The current agenda item is for the purchase of two of the
remaining three vehicles.

E.3.    South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Zone – The Council may be ready to approve Zone Code text amendments to the SMSC Overlay Zone that have been discussed over the past several months by the Planning Commission and City Council.  These amendments pertain to residential density, land uses, building height, set back distances, public space plan, etc. within several districts of the SMSC from Parrish Lane to Pages Lane.

E.4.    Municipal Code Amendments – Titles 2 & 3 – These amendments are part of a continuing effort by the City Attorney to prepare the Code for conversion to the online version made possible by the contract with Municipal Code Online, Inc. (the subject of item #2.a. on the agenda).  The amendments are not intended to change the substance of the Code—unless required to harmonize with State law—but consist primarily of improved wording, reformatting, renumbering, conforming with State law, etc.

E.5.    Discuss Urban Deer Plan Draft – Pursuant to the Council’s direction in an earlier meeting, staff have prepared a plan for reducing the number of deer living within the city limits.  Based on extensive public comment received earlier, these “resident deer” are causing substantial property damage and create some safety concerns.  Bruce Cox, Parks & Recreation Director, was assigned by the City Manager to prepare the plan in consultation with the Police Department and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR).  If the Council is supportive of the draft plan, it will then be scheduled for a later public hearing before being submitted to the DWR for their final approval.  In summary, the plan proposes to bait, trap and shoot deer in designated areas.  Approved hunters would be allowed to shoot the deer, then be responsible to salvage the meat and dispose of the carcasses in accordance with law.

E.6.    Mayor’s Report – Mayor Cutler and several Council Members attended the Bountiful City Council public hearing earlier this week about a proposed land swap that would potentially lead to the development of land adjacent to Centerville’s south boundary on the mountainside.  The Mayor will report on this matter and likely lead a discussion of how the City should further engage on this subject with Bountiful City officials.

E.7.    City Council Liaison Report – Councilman Ken Averett will report on his assignments as Chair of the Citizen Corps Council (the community’s emergency response volunteer network) and as the City’s rep to the Davis Chamber of Commerce.

E.8.    City Manager’s Report – I will update the Council on the preparation of landscaping plans for the 1250 West/Parrish Lane intersection and traffic studies for the 400 West/Porter Lane and 400 West/Bellano Way intersections.

E.9.    Miscellaneous Business – Council Members Wright and Ivie have requested opportunity to discuss with the Council the use of the City’s newsletter and utility bill inserts by non-City entities.  This discussion has been postponed twice from earlier meetings due to a lack of time.

E.10.    Closed Meeting, if necessary – At this time I do not know of a need for a closed meeting, but the agenda allows for that possibility.

E.11.    Appointments to City Boards/Committees – Mayor Cutler may recommend appointments to City boards/committees.

Potential Agenda Items for November 17, 2015 City Council meeting (subject to change):
•    Canvass of November 3, 2015 Municipal General Election
•    Approve RAP Tax, including ordinance renewing the tax (if approved by voters)
•    Approve Resolution creating new Fire District and approve related Interlocal Agreement
•    Financial Report for period ending October 31, 2015
•    Award bid for fencing on pedestrian bridge and along Parrish Lane
•    Open & Public Meetings Act training
•    Urban Deer Control Plan public hearing



Meetings of the City Council of Centerville City may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207, as amended.  In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Electronic Meetings Policy established by the City Council for electronic meetings.

Centerville City, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provides accommodations and auxiliary communicative aids and services for all those citizens in need of assistance, including hearing devices.  Persons requesting these accommodations for City-sponsored public meetings, services, programs, or events should call Blaine Lutz, Centerville Finance Director, at 295-3477, giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available for public inspection and review at City Hall and will be available for review at the meeting.  Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, or may read this memo on the City’s website:

Tentative   -    The times shown below are tentative and are subject to change during the meeting.

5:30    Work Session to discuss proposed text amendments to South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Zone

7:00    A.    ROLL CALL
(See City Manager’s Memo for summary of meeting business)


           C.    PRAYER OR THOUGHT
Councilwoman Stephanie Ivie

7:05    D.    OPEN SESSION (This item allows for the public to comment on any subject of municipal concern, including agenda items that are not scheduled for a public hearing.  Citizens are encouraged to limit their comments to two (2) minutes per person.  Citizens may request a time to speak during Open Session by calling the City Recorder’s office at 801-295-3477, or may make such request at the beginning of Open Session.) Please state your name and city of residence.

          E.    BUSINESS

October 6, 2015 work session (tabled from 10/20/15); October 20, 2015 Council meeting

7:15          2.    Summary Action Calendar
a.    Approve Software Service Agreement with Municipal Code Online, Inc. for conversion, adoption, hosting and related services for transfer and servicing of Centerville
Municipal Code to an online code
b.    Approve Public Improvements Deferral Agreement between the City and Mason Family Partnership for deferral of installation of certain public improvements related to the
Tri-City Polaris property located at approximately 461 South 800 West
c.    Terminate warranty for MTC Lot 2 Amended Subdivision
d.    Approve the purchase of two police vehicles from Ken Garff Ford in the amount of $30,253.55 and $27,437.97

7:20          3.    South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Zone
a.    CONTINUED FROM 10-20-15 AND 10-29-15  - Zoning Code Text Amendments - Consider Ordinance No. 2015-25 regarding proposed Zoning Code Text Amendments
for  the South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay Ordinance (Chapter 12-48) - including changes to the City Center District, Traditional District, North and South
Gateway Districts, adding a Public Space Plan for Main Street, and other related changes
b.    CONTINUED FROM 10-20-15 AND 10-29-15  - Review and Discuss Status of Temporary Zoning Regulations (TZRO) for South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay
establishing temporary regulations pertaining to land use, zoning, subdivision and development of real property located within the SMSC Overlay Zone - Consider Repeal or
Amendment of Ordinance No. 2015-05 - South Main Street Corridor TZRO
c.    CONTINUED FROM 10-20-15 AND 10-29-15 - Review and discuss related items regarding South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay ordinances, regulations, design
standards and economic development

7:50           4.    Municipal Code Amendments
a.    Title 2 – Government - Consider Ordinance No. 2015-26 amending various provisions of Title 2 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding Municipal Government
b.    Title 3 – Administration – Consider Ordinance No. 2015-27 amending various provisions to Title 3 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding Administration

8:10          5.    Discuss Urban Deer Plan draft

8:30          6.    Mayor’s Report
a.    Bountiful hillside land swap

8:40          7.    City Council Liaison Report
Councilman Ken Averett – Citizen Corps Council/Emergency Management & Davis Chamber of Commerce

8:50          8.    City Manager’s Report
a.    Landscaping concept plans for 1250 West/Parrish Lane intersection
b.    Traffic studies for 400 West/Porter and 400 West/Bellano intersections

9:00          9.    Miscellaneous Business
a.    Council request for discussion re use of City’s newsletter and utility bill insert

9:10        10.    Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law , including, but not limited to, the provisions of Section 52-4-205 of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, and
for attorney-client matters that are privileged pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 78B-1-137, as amended.

9:10         11.    Possible action following closed meeting, including appointments to boards and committees

        F.    ADJOURNMENT

(Items of Interest (i.e., newspaper articles, items not on agenda); Posted in-meeting information

Marsha L. Morrow, MMC
Centerville City Recorder