February 2, 2016


to:        Mayor Cutler
City Council
cc:       Department Heads
Planning Commission
from:   Steve H. Thacker, City Manager
subject:   City Manager’s Summary of February 2, 2016 Council Meetings
date:       January 29, 2016

5:00    Financial Work Session – The Council will meet at 5:00 p.m. to receive a presentation from Ed Erickson, CPA, about the FY 2015 financial audit which his firm performed.  Following his presentation and answers to questions from the Council, staff will use the remaining time to educate the Council about City and RDA finances.  An outline of the topics to be addressed is in the staff report.  The FY 2015 audit report is available to the public as a part of the meeting packet which is accessed via this link: http://centerville.novusagenda.com/agendapublic.  Dinner will be available for Council, staff and auditor beginning about 4:45 p.m.

7:00  Regular City Council Meeting

E.1.  Minutes Review – The minutes to be approved are available online.

E.2.  Reconsideration of Deuel Creek Historic District Ordinance – At its January 5, 2016 meeting, the City Council agreed to reconsider the Historic District Ordinance for the possibility of including commercial properties in the incentive program.  They directed the Landmarks Commission to discuss this matter and make recommendations to the Council.  The Commission has met and now is forwarding their recommendations for the Council to consider, which includes a tiered incentive approach for commercial properties within the District’s boundaries.

E.3.  Replacement of Infield Soil in Community Park – The Parks & Recreation Director and Baseball Coordinator are requesting funding to replace the infield soil on the northeast ballfield at Community Park, similar to what was done years ago for the other three baseball diamonds.  The proposed funding sources would be donations from baseball program supporters, profits from baseball concessions, and RAP Tax revenues.

E.4.  Amendments to Urban Deer Control Plan – In late 2015 the City Council and Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) approved a plan for lethal reduction of the number of “resident deer” living year-round within the city.  DWR required suspension of this effort as of December 31, with startup authorized again on August 1, 2016.  Since approving the City’s plan, DWR has decided that relocation is now an option for Centerville, and could be done throughout the year.  The City would
trap the deer and DWR would relocate the deer to an area that can support more deer.  However, if the City chooses this option, it would have to pay DWR $100 per deer for transmitter tags and blood samples.  I am seeking the Council’s direction regarding this option.

E.5.  Video Streaming Council Meetings – Blaine Lutz has done additional research on the equipment and related services for video streaming council meetings.  Councilman McEwan proposed this action in an earlier meeting.  Blaine’s recommendations regarding a camera and archiving/storage services are in his staff report.

E.6.  Amendments to Code re Discharge of Projectiles – Councilmembers Ivie and McEwan proposed in an earlier meeting either the deletion or amendment of a Code provision regulating the discharge of pellet guns, bb guns, bow & arrow, etc. within City limits.  Councilman McEwan and staff have been discussing possible amendments.  Two drafts are provided in the staff report for discussion—one from McEwan and staff’s redlined version of his draft.

E.7.    Municipal Code Amendments – Title 13 – Criminal Code – This is the latest Title to be updated/reformatted by the City Attorney in preparation for converting the Code to an online service.  If the Council approves an amendment to the section regarding discharge of projectiles (see agenda item immediately above), this will be included.

E.8.  Whitaker Museum Director Position – Councilmembers Ivie and McEwan have added this item to the agenda.  They want to discuss the possibility of upgrading the status of the Museum Director’s position from “Limited” to “Part-Time”, which would result in an increase in the number of authorized work hours per week and would entitle this employee to additional benefits.

E.9.  Mayor’s Report – Mayor Cutler will report on several matters, including the following: a) invitation to State Legislators to attend a dinner and performance at CenterPoint Theatre; b) a recent COG discussion about potential uses of the County’s share of Proposition One revenues; and c) an update about the County-owned property on 100 South Street (sedimentation basin site).

E.10.  City Manager’s Report – I will report on another opportunity to apply for a CLG grant from the Utah Division of State History, and an update of the bid process for fencing on the pedestrian bridge and north side of Parrish Lane.

E.11.  Miscellaneous Business -- Councilman Ince has proposed a citizen outreach idea that involves one or two councilmembers being available at city hall once a month to discuss City matters with any citizen.  Since this would involve a City facility and the City would advertise this, the Council should give its approval before proceeding.

E.12.  Closed Meeting, if needed – At this time I do not know of a need for a closed meeting, but the agenda allows for that possibility.

E.13.  Appointments to City Boards/Committees – Mayor Cutler may recommend appointments to City boards or committees.

Potential Agenda Items for February 16, 2016 City Council or RDA meetings (subject to change):
•    5:30 work session re Streets, Drainage and Water System master plans/CIP and culinary water rates
•    Cost-sharing agreement with Maverik re trailhead improvements
•    Bid award for pedestrian bridge/Parrish Lane fencing and approval of RDA funding for cost of “betterment”
•    Council liaison report – Stephanie Ivie (Museum and Landmarks Commission)
•    Financial Report for seven-month period ending January 31, 2016





Meetings of the City Council of Centerville City may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207, as amended.  In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Electronic Meetings Policy established by the City Council for electronic meetings.

Centerville City, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provides accommodations and auxiliary communicative aids and services for all those citizens in need of assistance, including hearing devices.  Persons requesting these accommodations for City-sponsored public meetings, services, programs, or events should call Blaine Lutz, Centerville Finance Director, at 295-3477, giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available for public inspection and review at City Hall and will be available for review at the meeting.  Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, or may read this memo on the City’s website: http://centerville.novusagenda.com/agendapublic.

Tentative   -    The times shown below are tentative and are subject to change during the meeting.

5:00    Financial Work Session, including discussion of FY 2015 Audit

7:00    A.    ROLL CALL
(See City Manager’s Memo for summary of meeting business)


           C.    PRAYER OR THOUGHT
Councilman Bill Ince

7:05    D.    OPEN SESSION (This item allows for the public to comment on any subject of municipal concern, including agenda items that are not scheduled for a public hearing.  Citizens are encouraged to limit their comments to two (2) minutes per person.  Citizens may request a time to speak during Open Session by calling the City Recorder’s office at 801-295-3477, or may make such request at the beginning of Open Session.) Please state your name and city of residence.

          E.    BUSINESS                                                     

January 19, 2016 work session and regular Council meeting

7:10          2.    Reconsideration of Ordinance No. 2015-30 - Creation of Centerville Deuel Creek Historic District - Chapter 12-49
Reconsider Ordinance No. 2015-30 regarding the creation of the Centerville Deuel Creek Historic District and Chapter 12-49 of the Centerville Zoning Code

7:20          3.    Consider request for replacement of infield soil on northeast baseball diamond in Community Park

7:35          4.    Discuss possible amendments to Urban Deer Control Plan

7:55           5.    Consider options for video streaming Council meetings

8:15          6.    Discuss proposed amendments to Section 13-03-062 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding Discharge of Missiles or Projectiles

8:30          7.    Municipal Code Amendments - Title 13 - Criminal Code
Consider Ordinance No. 2016-06 amending and renumbering various                     provisions of Title 13 of the Centerville Municipal Code regarding the Criminal Code

8:40          8.    Discussion re hours authorized for Whitaker Museum Director

9:00          9.    Mayor’s Report
a.    Legislative Evening at CenterPoint Theatre
b.    COG discussion re potential uses of County’s share of Prop 1 revenues
c.    Update on Davis County property on 100 South Street

9:10         10.    City Manager’s Report
a.    CLG grant application funding
b.    Pedestrian Bridge/Parrish Lane fencing project

9:20        11.    Miscellaneous Business
a.    Councilmember Ince proposal re citizen outreach

9:30        12.    Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law , including, but not limited to, the provisions of Section 52-4-205 of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, and
for attorney-client matters that are privileged pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 78B-1-137, as amended.

9:30         13.    Possible action following closed meeting, including appointments to boards and committees

        F.    ADJOURNMENT

Items of Interest (i.e., newspaper articles, items not on agenda); Posted in-meeting information

Marsha L. Morrow, MMC
Centerville City Recorder