May 23, 2016

Minutes of the Centerville Community Foundation Board of Directors meeting held Monday, May 23, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in the Centerville City Hall Council Chambers, 250 North Main Street, Centerville, Utah.

MEMBERS PRESENT    Paul Cutler, Director/Chair Pro Tem
Jack Dellastatious, President/Chair
Michael Deamer, Director
David Gutke, Director (left at 6:30 p.m.)
William Ince, Director
Steve Thacker, Secretary/Director

MEMBER ABSENT        Gary Goff, Director

OTHERS PRESENT        Jacob Smith, Treasurer
Katie Rust, Recording Secretary


Chair Dellastatious expressed appreciation to the Board members, and welcomed new Director Mike Deamer.


Jake Smith, Treasurer, reported that IRS Form 990 has been filed, and the State Registration Form and License to Solicit will be filed shortly.


Mr. Smith reported on the status of donations from Amazon Smiles.  Amazon donates 0.5% of the purchase value from customers who have specified the Centerville Community Foundation as the receiving organization on


Chair Dellastatious and Mr. Smith reported on a Consumer Protection Division Seminar.  Director Gutke commented it would be a good idea for the Community Foundation to have its own written internal control guidelines. He agreed to help with this.  Director Deamer emphasized the need to avoid conflict of interest when fundraising.


•    Chair Dellastatious reported that Thrive Nursery has offered a donation of aspen and spruce trees.  Explaining that aspen trees have undesirably aggressive root systems, and spruce trees
create places of hiding and do not tend to survive wind storms well, Director Thacker stated that the City Parks Director would prefer not to put aspen or spruce trees in City parks at this
time.  Chair Dellastatious commented that the Community Foundation could accept the donation and give the trees to private property owners if the City is able to transport the trees.
Director Ince asked if the City has public land where aspen trees would be okay, such as along the freeway or Legacy Parkway Trail.  Director Cutler pointed out that the trees would need
to be able to survive without water in those areas.  A majority of the Board indicated they are not interested in accepting the donation.
•    Director Thacker reported on the status of the “Welcome to Centerville” sign donation from Hogan Construction for the southeast corner of the Parrish Lane/1250 West intersection.  The
straight design style offered by Hogan Construction differs from the curved design recommended by the landscape architect hired by the City Council.  Director Thacker said he will meet
with a Hogan representative and the landscape architect later this week regarding the design and cost of the sign.  Chair Dellastatious expressed the view that the Community Foundation has
done what it is going to do – any additional cost is the responsibility of the City Council or RDA.  The Board discussed the role of the Community Foundation in raising funds for the
benefit of the City.  Director Deamer said it would be nice to have a core principal fund that would generate interest income for the Community Foundation to apply to projects.
•    Director Cutler stated the Council allocated $5,000 in the FY 2016 budget to replace City Hall lobby furnishings, and expressed a desire to leverage that amount and make it go as far as
possible.  He invited the Directors to make suggestions or become involved in soliciting business donations.  Director Cutler said he would like to have a plan in place by June 30th.  The
Board expressed support for the project.  Director Ince offered to contact IKEA regarding possible discounts or donations.  Director Gutke left the meeting at 6:30 p.m.
•    The Board looked over the Parks Capital Improvement Plan, and discussed the possibility of raising funds and granting naming rights for park improvements.  Chair Dellastatious asked
Director Cutler what he thinks the priority should be regarding raising funds, and Director Cutler responded that to him the City Hall lobby furnishings is a priority.
•    Director Thacker reported that he spoke with Police Chief Child regarding meaningful recognition of the Police Department, and the Chief indicated support for recognition banners on
telephone poles that would use the same brackets used for the flags in July.  The estimated cost is $150 per banner.  Chair Dellastatious offered to take responsibility for raising funds for the
recognition banners.  The Board discussed whether the Fire Department should also be recognized in the same way, with the conclusion that this particular recognition effort would focus
on the Police Department.  Director Ince stated he knows an artist who might be interested in designing the banner.


Mr. Smith showed the current Community Foundation page on the City’s website and examples of other foundation websites.  Director Deamer suggested the website prominently feature photographs of 4th of July events (i.e., concert in the park, children’s parade).  Director Cutler commented that most foundations sponsor some type of annual event, and suggested that an annual police recognition dinner or emergency preparedness event might be appropriate.  Director Deamer suggested the website include a financial summary page without listing specific donors.  Director Ince suggested the website include information regarding making donations through estate planning, and Director Deamer added that donations can be made with life insurance death benefits.  Director Thacker suggested a list of park improvements in need of funding also be included on the website.


Chair Dellastatious expressed a desire to include an insert in a utility mailer alerting citizens to Foundation donation opportunities.


Chair Dellastatious brought up the possibility of dedicating a wall at City Hall to recognizing Community Foundation donors.  Director Ince pointed out that some donors will want recognition and some will not.  Director Cutler said he it would be his preference to tie recognition to specific donations.  Chair Dellastatious responded that the wall would recognize all donations.  Director Ince pointed out that a lot of time and service is donated in Centerville, and Chair Dellastatious responded that the wall would only recognize financial donations.  Director Deamer stated he is not against recognizing donors, but he is not a fan of the wall plaque idea.


Chair Dellastatious said he is looking for citizens interested in writing grants for the Community Foundation.  Director Deamer commented it would be helpful to have a list of the grants available.


Chair Dellastatious reported that the Community Foundation chose not to donate for this year’s VHS All-Night Party.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

__________________________        ___08-08-2016____
Jack Dellastatious, Chair                        Date Approved

Katie Rust, Recording Secretary