August 2, 2016


to:        Mayor Cutler
City Council
cc:        Department Heads
Planning Commission
from:    Steve H. Thacker, City Manager
subject:   City Manager’s Summary of August 2, 2016 Council Meetings
date:        July 29, 2016

The public may access the meeting agenda, staff reports and supporting documents online by going to:  Alternatively, the meeting agenda, etc. can be accessed via a link on the homepage of the City’s website:

5:30    Work Session – The City Council will meet with South Davis Sewer District Reps—Dee Hansen, Board Member and Dal Wayment, General Manager—at 5:30 p.m. to be updated regarding the “food waste to energy” project.  This will also be an opportunity for Council Members to ask them about any other Sewer District issues or matters.  Dinner will be available beginning at 5:15 p.m.

7:00    Regular City Council Meeting

E.1.    Minutes Review -- The minutes to be approved are available online via the links cited above.

E.2.    Public Hearing—Zoning Code Amendments re South Main Street Corridor Public Space Plan -- The City Council (CC) met with the Planning Commission (PC) in a work session on July 19 to discuss the PC’s recommendations about the public space plan for the South Main Street Corridor.  The prior CC adopted this plan in November 2015.  However, the new CC in 2016 asked the PC to consider several changes to that plan.  After several months of study, the PC recently returned a recommendation to the CC to preserve most of the plan as adopted by the prior CC.  In their July 19 meeting, several current CC members expressed disagreement with the PC’s recommendations, but agreed to proceed with a public hearing on August 2nd about the PC’s recommendations.  Information about the PC’s recommendations, as well as alternatives discussed by the City Council, can be found online.

E.3.    Bid Award: Radio-Read Equipment for Water Department – This bid award involves the purchase of equipment needed to convert the water meters serving commercial customers to radio-read technology.  This conversion would enable 0these meters to be read as a vehicle drives down the road, rather than by an employee walking to each meter.  Commercial water meters are read monthly year-round—whereas residential meters are read monthly only during the warmer months.  This conversion of the commercial meters will give the Water Division an opportunity to evaluate the cost vs. benefits of converting all meters in the future to radio-read.  Randy Randall, Public Works Director, will attend the Council meeting to explain further and answer questions. The FY 2017 Budget includes funding for this project.

E.4.    Request for New Position in Police Department – As directed by the City Council when they approved the FY 2017 Budget, Chief Child will attend to answer questions about his request for a new civilian position in the Police Department, as well as his budget request for purchase of another speed detection sign.

E.5.    Mayor’s Report – Mayor Cutler will report on Fire Service Area matters and the Tour of Utah stage that will pass through Centerville on August 5th.

E.6.    City Manager’s Report – The Council should review their calendars and determine if the proposed schedule of upcoming meetings and other events is acceptable.  See the staff report for this list.  Jacob Smith, Assistant to the City Manager, will highlight some of the data from the latest Operational Metrics quarterly report, and share some examples of how this information is being used by management.

E.7.    Miscellaneous Business – Since there were not enough items to create a Summary Action Calendar on this agenda, the purchase of a tree chipper has been placed under this heading.  Attached to the staff report is a memo from Bruce Cox which makes good arguments/justification for this purchase, which is included in the Adopted FY 2017 Budget.

E.8.    Closed Meeting, if necessary – The City Council will adjourn into a closed meeting to conduct the annual performance review of the City Manager.

E.9.    Appointments to City Boards/Committees – In addition to considering any appointments to City boards/committees recommended by the Mayor, the Council may consider a pay raise for the City Manager after conducting his performance review in closed meeting.

Potential Agenda Items for August 16, 2016 City Council or RDA meetings (subject to change):
•    Work Session re Comprehensive Sidewalk Analysis
•    Approve Facilities Use Agreements for use of City sports fields
•    Terminate warranty period for Pastures Phase 1 development
•    Financial Report for period ending June 30, 2016
•    City Council Liaison Report – Councilwoman Ivie
•    Public Hearing - Transfer of Real Property to South Davis Metro Fire Service Area - Fire Station No. 83
•    Continuation of discussion (and possibly public hearing) for South Main Street Corridor public space plan
•    July 4th Celebration report



Meetings of the City Council of Centerville City may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207, as amended.  In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Electronic Meetings Policy established by the City Council for electronic meetings.

Centerville City, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provides accommodations and auxiliary communicative aids and services for all those citizens in need of assistance, including hearing devices.  Persons requesting these accommodations for City-sponsored public meetings, services, programs, or events should call Blaine Lutz, Centerville Finance Director, at 295-3477, giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available for public inspection and review at City Hall and will be available for review at the meeting.  Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, or may read this memo on the City’s website:

Tentative   -    The times shown below are tentative and are subject to change during the meeting.

5:30    Work Session with South Davis Sewer District Representatives re: a) Food Waste to Energy Proposal; and b) Other topics re District operations

7:00    A.    ROLL CALL
(See City Manager’s Memo for summary of meeting business)


Councilman McEwan

7:05    D.    OPEN SESSION (This item allows for the public to comment on any subject of municipal concern, including agenda items that are not scheduled for a public hearing.  Citizens are encouraged to limit their comments to two (2) minutes per person.  Citizens may request a time to speak during Open Session by calling the City Recorder’s office at 801-295-3477, or may make such request at the beginning of Open Session.) Please state your name and city of residence.

E.    BUSINESS                                                     

July 19, 2016 joint work session and regular City Council meeting

7:15          2.    Public Hearing – Zoning Code Text Amendments - South Main Street Corridor (SMSC) Overlay - Chapter 12.48
Consider and discuss Zoning Code amendments to Chapter 12.48 regarding the Public Space Plan for the SMSC Overlay Zone

8:15          3.    Bid award to Mountainland in the amount of $44,939 for radio-read equipment for Water Department

8:25          4.    Discussion with Chief Child re civilian position in Police Department

8:35          5.    Mayor’s Report
a.    Fire Service Area
b.    Tour of Utah on August 5

8:45          6.    City Manager’s Report
a.    Confirm calendar of meetings
b.    Operational metrics

9:00          7.    Miscellaneous Business
a.    Approve the purchase of a Vermeer tree chipper from Vermeer Rock Mountain in the amount of $36,329.40

9:05          8.    Closed meeting for reasons allowed by state law , including, but not limited to, the provisions of Section 52-4-205 of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act, and for attorney-client matters that are privileged pursuant to Utah
Code Ann. § 78B-1-137, as amended

9:35           9.    Possible action following closed meeting, including appointments to boards and committees and consideration of pay raise for City Manager

        F.    ADJOURNMENT

Items of Interest (i.e., newspaper articles, items not on agenda); Posted in-meeting information

Marsha L. Morrow, MMC
Centerville City Recorder