August 18, 2015

To:        Mayor Cutler
City Council
Cc:       Department Heads
Planning Commission
From:      Steve Thacker, City Manager
Subject:  City Manager’s Summary of August 18, 2015 Council Meetings
Date:      August 14, 2015

5:30  Joint Work Session with Planning Commission – This is a continuation of the work session held on August 4 regarding the South Main Street Corridor.  Staff will complete their presentation by identifying the issues they recommend be discussed.  The two bodies can then discuss the issues and see if there is substantive agreement on the nature of revisions that should be made to the SMSC Plan and Overlay Zone.

7:00  Regular City Council Meeting

D.    Introduction of New Police Officers and New Leadership in Police Department – The recent retirement of Neal Worsley as Chief of Police triggered several promotions.  The Department has a new Chief (Paul Child), Lieutenant (Von Steenblik) and Sergeant (Jake Alexander).  Officer Will Barnes was also transferred from Patrol Division to the Investigative Division to serve as a detective. These promotions/transfers from within the Department, combined with the recent retirement of Officer Gary Thomas, opened up two Police Officer patrol positions for outside recruitment.  Marquelle Peters and Colton Robinson have been hired to fill those openings.  All of these employees, along with the new K-9, will be introduced to the City Council.

F.1.  Canvass of Municipal Primary Election – The City Council will sit as the elections canvassing board to accept the results of the August 4 Primary Election.  The Primary Election narrowed the number of candidates from 8 to 6 for three Council seats to be filled in the November General Election.

F.2.  Minutes Review and Acceptance – The minutes to be approved include the August 4 work session and regular meeting, as well as the July 8 joint Planning Commission/City Council meeting.  Approval of the July 8 meeting minutes was postponed to allow Councilwomen Fillmore and Ivie to submit proposed additions to that record.  The July 8 minutes draft has been redlined to show the proposed revisions.

F.3.  Summary Action Calendar
a.  Award Drainage Maintenance Contract – Staff recommend the Council extend the contract with Twin D Environmental Services for cleaning and TV-inspection of storm drains and subsurface drains.  Twin D was the low bidder last year for this contract and that bid award allowed the option of renewing the contract for two more years if Twin D is willing to hold their unit prices, which they have agreed to do.
b.  Planning Commission Per Diem for Training – In an earlier meeting, the City Council agreed with the proposal to offer an incentive to Planning Commissioners to attend training by paying them $35 to attend training of two hours or more duration.  This is the same amount they receive when they attend PC meetings.  The action on this agenda is to formally implement that decision.

F.4.  Code Amendments Prohibiting Feeding of Wild Animals – In response to property owners’ complaints about resident deer damage, City staff are applying for permission from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) to use lethal methods to remove deer inside the City limits.  This must be done according to an Urban Deer Plan developed with public input and approved by the DWR.  The first requirement for such a plan, however, is for the City to adopt an ordinance prohibiting the intentional feeding of deer, elk and moose.  This is the action for the August 18 meeting.  This will be followed by a public information and public comment process over the next two months to develop a plan that will be submitted to the DWR for their approval.

F.5.  RAP Tax Discussion – In their August 4 meeting the City Council approved a Resolution placing the renewal of the RAP Tax on the November ballot.  The current RAP Tax authorization expires April 1, 2016.  Ninety percent (90%) of the current RAP Tax revenues are used to pay the debt on the performing arts facility.  If a renewal is approved by the voters, most of the revenues will be used for recreational facilities (i.e. parks repairs and improvements).  The Council needs to decide who will draft statements in favor of the RAP Tax for the Voter Information Pamphlet and the Statewide Website.

F.6.  City Council Liaison Report – Councilman Wright serves as the City Council liaison to the Whitaker Museum Board and will report on their activities/issues.

F.7.  Mayor’s Report – Mayor Cutler recently met with the City Manager and department heads to review the latest data in the Operational Metrics report.  It will be attached to NovusAgenda after a few revisions are made to the report.  This report contains performance measures relating to various City services.

F.8.  Work Session with Parks & Recreation and Trails Committees (estimated time of 8:00 p.m.) – These two committees will meet with the City Council to discuss: 1) the Parks Committee’s latest draft of the Parks Capital Improvements Plan and 2) the Trails Committee’s Trails/Bike Lanes Master Plan.  This will be an important foundation for the public information effort relating to the RAP Tax election in November.

F.9.  Personnel Policies and Procedures Amendments – Pursuant to the City Manager’s recommendation in 2014 and the City Council’s subsequent directive, an employee committee has reviewed and discussed the City’s paid leave benefits, particularly the Long-Term Sick Leave benefit.  In response to concerns about the increasing financial liability created by current policy, the Committee and City Manager recommend the establishment of an 800-hour cap on the amount of LTSL accumulation, with an annual cash-out at a 4 to 1 ratio above that number.  See the staff report for much more detail.

F.10  City Manager’s Report – I will update the Council about the I-15 South Davis Project, including the pedestrian bridge and related fencing and sidewalk, and seek direction regarding the public information and open houses relating to the proposal to create a fire district.

F.11.  Miscellaneous Business – At this time there are no topics showing under this heading.

F.12  Closed Meeting, if necessary  -- At this time I do not know of a need for a closed meeting, but the agenda allows for that possibility.

F.13.  Appointments to Boards/Committees – Mayor Cutler may recommend appointments to City boards or committees.

Potential Agenda Items for September 1, 2015 City Council meeting (subject to change):
•    Consider requests for writing arguments against the RAP Tax ballot question
•    Approve argument in favor of RAP Tax for Voter Information Pamphlet and to be submitted by City Council to Statewide Website
•    Consider whether to provide additional public information relating to Transportation Sales Tax ballot question
•    500 East Street right-of-way vacation
•    Open & Public Meetings Act training by City Attorney
•    Approve Parks Capital Improvements Plan
•    Staff report re asset and inventory updates




Meetings of the City Council of Centerville City may be conducted via electronic means pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 52-4-207, as amended.  In such circumstances, contact will be established and maintained via electronic means and the meeting will be conducted pursuant to the Electronic Meetings Policy established by the City Council for electronic meetings.

Centerville City, in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, provides accommodations and auxiliary communicative aids and services for all those citizens in need of assistance, including hearing devices.  Persons requesting these accommodations for City-sponsored public meetings, services, programs, or events should call Blaine Lutz, Centerville Finance Director, at 295-3477, giving at least 24 hours notice prior to the meeting.

A notebook containing supporting materials for the business agenda items is available for public inspection and review at City Hall and will be available for review at the meeting.  Upon request, a citizen may obtain (without charge) the City Manager’s memo summarizing the agenda business, or may read this memo on the City’s website:

Tentative   -    The times shown below are tentative and are subject to change during the meeting.

5:30    Joint work session with Planning Commission to discuss possible ordinance amendments to the South Main Street Overlay Zone for the City Center and Traditional Districts

7:00    A.    ROLL CALL
(See City Manager’s Memo for summary of meeting business)


           C.    PRAYER OR THOUGHT
Steve Thacker

7:05    D.    Introduction of new police officers and new leadership in Police Department

7:10    E.    OPEN SESSION (This item allows for the public to comment on any subject of municipal concern, including agenda items that are not scheduled for a public hearing.  Citizens are encouraged to limit their comments to two (2) minutes per person.  Citizens may request a time to speak during Open Session by calling the City Recorder’s office at 801-295-3477, or may make such request at the beginning of Open Session.) Please state your name and city of residence.

    F.    BUSINESS

7:15          1.    Canvass of August 11, 2015 Municipal Primary Election
According to State law as provided in UCA 20A-4-301 (2)(ii), the Mayor and City Council, acting as the board of municipal canvassers, shall meet to canvass the returns
from a municipal primary election no sooner than seven (7) days and no later than fourteen (14) after the election

July 8 joint Planning Commission/City Council meeting; and August 4, 2015 joint Planning Commission/City Council work session and regular Council meeting

7:25          3.    Summary Action Calendar
a.    Award Annual Drainage Maintenance Project contract to Twin D Environmental Services in estimated total amount of $96,710
b.    Planning Commission Per Diem for training– Consider Resolution No. 2015-15

7:25          4.    Municipal Code Amendments – Section 7-02-022 – Prohibiting Feeding or Attracting Wild Animals
Consider Ordinance No. 2015-15 Enacting 7-07-022 of the Centerville Municipal Code Prohibiting the Feeding or Attracting of Wild Animals re feeding deer, etc.

7:35          5.    RAP Tax Discussion
Continue discussion regarding Voter Information Pamphlet and Ballot Transparency Act requirements and drafting arguments for or against the proposed RAP Tax ballot

7:45          6.    City Council Liaison Report
Councilman Wright – Whitaker Museum

7:55          7.    Mayor’s Report
a.  Operational Metrics Report
b.  Fire Agency Monthly Report

8:00          8.    Joint Work Session with Parks & Recreation and Trails Committee to discuss parks & trails capital improvement plans, bike system master plan and related matters

9:00          9.    Personnel Polices and Procedures - Amendments - Long-Term Sick Leave and All-Purpose Leave
Consider Resolution No. 2015-16 amending Section 4.150 of the Personnel Polices and Procedures regarding Long-Term Sick Leave and amending Section 4.140 of the
same regarding All-Purpose Leave

9:15        10.    City Manager’s Report
a.    I-15 Project Milestone Event
b.    Pedestrian bridge, fencing and sidewalk update
c.    Preparations for open house and public hearing re proposal to create fire district

9:25        11.    Miscellaneous Business

9:30        12.    Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law , including, but not limited to, the provisions of Section 52-4-205 of the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act,
and for attorney-client matters that are privileged pursuant to Utah Code Ann. § 78B-1-137, as amended.

9:30         13.    Possible action following closed meeting, including appointments to boards and committees

        F.    ADJOURNMENT

(Items of Interest (i.e., newspaper articles, items not on agenda); Posted in-meeting information

Marsha L. Morrow, MMC
Centerville City Recorder