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Trails Committee Chair
Mike Remington
1152 North 400 West
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 296-1010


Trails Committee

The Trails Committee consists of no more than seven (7) but no less than (5) members who act as advisory committee to the City Council to recommend and promote the establishment of public trails and related facilities, programs and policies to meet recreational needs of the citizens of Centerville City. Terms of appointment are staggered terms of three (3) years and may be shorter than three (3) years when necessary to provide staggered terms. The Chair of the Trails Committee shall also be a member of the Parks and Recreation Committee. The committee generally meets monthly.

 Trails Committee Members

Blair Parrish
124 North 200 East
H: 801-298-7761
Matt Johnson
1262 North 400 West
H: 801-295-2238
Sunny Larson
87 W. Jennings Lane
H&C: 801-783-8628
Mark Oligschlaeder, Vice Chair
1787 North 300 West
H: 801-295-2726
Mikael J. Remington, Chair
1152 North 400 West
H: 801-296-1010
Brandon Federico
222 West 925 North
C: 801-913-3213
Richard Turner
414 Valley Drive
H: 801-296-9494
Robyn Mecham
City Council Liaison
C: 801-599-1938
Bruce Cox
Staff Liaison
W: 801-292-8232