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Redevelopment Agency

The Redevelopment Agency of Centerville City (RDA) is a separate legal entity created in 1989 to assist with the commercial and economic development of the City. The City Council serves as the Board of the RDA and the Mayor is the Chairperson. Specifically, a project area called the "Parrish Lane Gateway Project Area" was created. This project area, by State law, will exist for 32 years or through 2021. In 2010 the Legacy-Crossing Community Development Area was created by the RDA. The RDA can use "tax increment" generated by properties within the project area to build infrastructure, purchase land, or assist in other ways to assist with the development of the properties within the project area.

RDA Project Areas and Projects

The Redevelopment Agency of Centerville City worked with the developers of Centerville Marketplace (Target, Home Depot and surrounding businesses) to provide the needed infrastructure on 400 West, Marketplace Drive, Parrish Lane, and the I-15 interchange to enable the development and benefiting the entire City.

The RDA also assisted with the development of the MTC Business Park and Iggy's restaurant.

Even though the Walmart development is within the Project Area, no development assistance was provided to the Walmart development. The necessary infrastructure was already in place for this development by the efforts of the RDA and Target development.

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