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Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment consists of five members who are appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. Each member of the Board of Adjustment shall serve for a term of five (5) years and/or until his/her successor is appointed. Meetings of the Board of Adjustment shall be held at the call of the Chairman and at such other times as the Board may determine. The Board of Adjustment hears appeals by any person who may be aggrieved or by any officer, department, board or bureau of the municipality affected by any decision of the administrative officer.


The Board of Adjustment has the following powers and duties:

  • Consider appeals in regards to the Zoning Ordinance and  Zoning Administrator decisions.
  • Make a conclusion on the appeals of Planning Commission decisions regarding conditional use permits  and site plans.
  • Grant special exemptions, variances, and review appeals regarding the existence, expansion or modification of nonconformities.

 Board of Adjustment Members

Cory Evans
803 North 400 East
P: (801) 299-0756
Brian Hulse, Chair
87 E. Old Haul Road
P: 801-292-6398
Jason C. Hunter
1867 North 200 East
P: (801) 295-0358
Steven Markham
87 West 200 North
P: (801) 299-1158

Scott Sappenfield

1881 North 300 East
P: (801) 294-4578

Cory Snyder - Staff
655 South 1250 West
P: (801) 292-8232