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Centerville, UT 84014
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F: (801) 292-8034
City Manager
Steve Thacker
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Jacob Smith
Jolene Jackson
Mackenzie Wood
Accounts Payable
LuAnn Child


Centerville is a member of UTOPIA—the Utah Telecommunications Open Infrastructure Agency.  UTOPIA was created to design, finance, build, operate and maintain a fiber-optic telecommunciations infrastructure that provides high-speed connections to homes and business in its member communities—i.e. “fiber to the premises” (FTTP).

Constructing public infrastructure is something government has done for a long time.  Over the last century, government has built roads, water systems and other utilities benefitting the community, enhancing quality of life and supporting economic development.  Today’s new infrastructure is the information superhighway.  Private industry has built telecommunications infrastructure, but primarily relies on copper, cable and wireless to deliver services to the homes or businesses.  This technology has limited capacity when compared with FTTP.  UTOPIA’s mission is not to replace the services provided by telecom companies, but provide an “open” fiber-optic network on which many companies can provide high-speed telecom services without each building their own infrastructure.  This wholesale infrastructure arrangement encourages competition and innovation in the delivery of such services.

UTOPIA’s fiber optic network is now available in portions of each of its 11 member cities.  In Centerville, all homes and businesses can obtain services over this network by purchasing a fiber-optic connection. To sign up or get more information about what UTOPIA does, visit the website. For specific services and prices available to Centerville residents, visit

What services do UTOPIA service providers offer?

UTOPIA’s service providers currently offer: Internet, phone and video service. You can find all providers’ offerings at

What type of contract can I sign with UTOPIA?

Currently, UTOPIA has four installation and infrastructure options for new residential subscribers:

  • Lease option: $30 a month for a two-year lease. After two years, your contract switches to month-to-month term.
  • CUE (Contract Utility Enhancement) option: The CUE option is a ownership-like model. With this option the UTOPIA connection is tied to the property and is billed directly by the City. The benefit of signing up for CUE is that once the infrastructure commitment is met, you will only have to pay for the services:

    • $300 down and $30 a month for 10 years (6% interest rate).
    • No money down and $25 a month for 20 years (7.9% interest rate).
    • A $2,750 upfront charge

How much does it generally cost on a monthly basis?

For a 250/150 Mbps connection, the average service provider on the UTOPIA network charges approximately $35 a month. The average cost of a 250/250 Mbps data connection plus the UTOPIA fee is $65.00 a month.

Whom do I contact if I am interested in learning more about UTOPIA?

For information regarding providers, services, connections and pricing, please visit, or call (801) 613-3880 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.