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City Hall
250 North Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 295-3477
F: (801) 292-8034
City Manager
Steve Thacker
Finance Director/Asst City Manager
Blaine Lutz
Jolene Jackson
Marsha Morrow
Jeannine Teel


Operational Metrics

Centerville City staff have compiled key statistics (beginning in 2014) to help measure the efficiency and effectiveness of departmental operations. These statistics can be viewed by clicking on the image below.

When looking over the metrics, keep in mind the different types of measurements.

Types of Measurements:

  • Input: Inputs tells us how much effort, money, hours, etc. go into accomplishing a program, service, etc.
  • Output: Outputs tell us how much of something was accomplished, for example, how many arrests were made, permits approved, classes conducted, etc.
  • Efficiency: Relating outputs to inputs can provide efficiency ratios.
  • Outcome: Taking a step beyond outputs and efficiencies, outcome measures indicate how well a city is providing services. These may include indicators of timeliness, quality, or customer satisfaction.

Operational Metrics