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City Hall
250 North Main Street
Centerville, UT 84014
P: (801) 295-3477
F: (801) 292-8034
City Manager
Steve Thacker
Jolene Jackson
Marsha Morrow
Jeannine Teel



Mission Statement

To achieve excellence in timely delivery of service to its customers, in all areas that are the responsibility of the Finance Department. To manage the public funds in a responsible manner and to assure that the assets of Centerville City are protected.

Customers of the Finance Department are defined as: 1) The primary customers of the Finance department are the Citizens of Centerville. 2) The Finance Department provides services to other departments and personnel of the city, including the Mayor and City Council.

City Budget Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Risk Management


Every year, the City Council approves a budget for the next fiscal year. The fiscal year (FY) for Centerville is from July 1 to June 30th of each year.

In the blue box to the right, you will find:

  • Final Budget Document - this is the approved budget for the stated fiscal year
  • Budget Newsletter - Written prior to the final budget approval that points out the main changes to the budget, explains projections for revenue, explains changes in expenditures, and explains any rate increases in either taxes or fees for service.
  • Proposed Budget Summary -  a more detailed review of the propsed budget for the following fiscal year. It explains further issues to be addressed in the upcoming council meetings as the Council decides on the final changes and final budget.

Generally, the Council uses the last meeting in June to amend the current year’s budget to reflect realized revenues and expenditures and to pass the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Budget Documents 

FY 2018

Final Budget Document

Letter Concerning Financial Records and Recent Findings

FY 2017

Final Budget Document

Budget Newsletter

Budget Message

Compensation Info

FY 2016

Final Budget Document

Budget Newsletter

Budget Message

Compensation Info

FY 2015

Final Budget Document

Budget Newsletter

Budget Message

Compensation Info

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Centerville has received the Government Finance Officers Certificate of Excellence for Financial Reporting for fifteen consecutive years for the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report issued yearly with the assistance of the independent auditor. The most recent was awarded for the year ending June 30, 2012. For more information about the GFOA and this award go to

In the blue box to the right, you will find the CAFR for prior years. The CAFR is also available at city hall and is available via the Utah State Auditor's website.

CAFR Documents

FY 2017 CAFR

FY 2016 CAFR

FY 2015 CAFR

FY 2014 CAFR

FY 2013 CAFR

Risk Management

Risk Management is the administration of insurance, claims, employee safety and the protection of assets and citizens of the community.

If you have a concern of an unsafe condition of city facilities, or if you would like to file a claim with the City, please contact City Hall.

URMMA Serving Utah Municipalities

Centerville is a member of the Utah Risk Management Mutual Association (URMMA). URMMA is a risk pool that consists of 26 member Utah cities. Through URMMA, Centerville has liability insurance up to $7,500,000. URMMA stresses the reduction of risks through aggressive training and risk reduction programs. These progams not only reduce the exposure to the City, but are intended to reduce hazards to the citizens of the community. To find out more about URMMA got to